So, basically, the Taliban are holding our guys hostage?

And, as the SecDef admits to the whole world.

We have no way to project enough force to get them

Good Job Guys…

God forbid you use Apaches to blast their checkpoints into pieces.

Or, are you too afraid of the backlash from the bleeding heart liberals when they find out you guys only issued 8,000 Special Immigrant Visas on July 30th, 2021?

See Video Below This Briefing for the Answer


They didn’t get their VISA’s because they are not who they say they are and/or they were caught eating a Barium Meal by our Intel Forces.

Bro… You are Tali.


Enjoy your Chinese Lithium mine.

This is the roll out of the programming before the mass atrocities start.

The Taliban said Sept 11th, 2021 is E-Day.

I bet they launch ten days early.

Tuesday August 31st, 2021 or Wednesday Sept 1st, 2021 (Our time) is my bet.

After all, the Taliban will need to test their true believers and unbelievers.