The pyres of American interests, and of course those we left behind, are lighting the Afghan sky. From Kandahar to Kabul there are many pointing to the inevitable grave of the American empire now finding itself waning as a product of its own corruption. Say what you will for the Afghan as many have, but despite the lack of F-15s or nuclear armament, they won. In the face of western liberalism simply standing for anything while not getting killed in the process appears to ensure a victory.
As some including myself have predicted, the Democratic American and by proxy, CCP, interest will return to a focus at home. While our own ironically named ‘Department of Homeland Security’ remains complicit in doing nothing about a screen door of a southern border, they’ve somehow managed to alert us to the possibility – gasp – of renewed domestic extremism. Not to be outdone, the Department of Veterans Affairs has wasted no time in telling us Afghan Vets that our feelings of righteous anger, and in some cases such as mine, cruel ridicule, that we’re not alone.
Thanks for that. I care not for a pity party. We are the sum of our results, not our intentions and it by that metric which I judge all things. Erstwhile I’m reminded of a quote from Madam Michael Obama that returning war veterans are the biggest threat to ‘homeland security’. I’m your huckleberry. Now sign up for your ‘mental health’ counselings and take your SSRIs because, after all, that’s the key to happiness. Don’t forget your covid vaccine and don’t you dare ask who made it. I happen to refuse both. I know better.
You’re not alone, after all. Now turn in your guns.
Ah, yes. That’s the cornerstone. The iron fist behind the velvet glove. Disarm, young man. You’re a threat to everyone. Or just a threat to us. After all we just saw what a relatively small force could do in the face of a weak nation led by a dementia patient. The shock on our faces when a rag-tag force armed with Kalashnikovs and M4s did to the grand plan in the span of 19 days. 20 years, undone in 19 days. Imagine that. It takes a determined foe, caring not for losses in the grand scheme of things, recognizing that a larger victory can be won on the backs of martyrs, and the faith in that those martyrs will live once more. Juxtapose that to the American Democratic Socialist-ite, believing in nothing, standing for nothing, and existing to be nothing more than a consumer – a puppet of a corpratocracy they claim to stand against. Sipping their Starbucks while skimming the headlines of the day on their iPad awaiting the next Amazon Prime shipment. Its a civil society, you know. One that obeys. Once that consumes. Founded on effeminate grins from a lethal dose of soy. And one that asks only the questions already chosen for them. One must wonder why one culture hawks such abominations and another, openly claiming to destroy it, is banning the same caricatures from its media outlets. Men win wars and the world knows it.
Culture shock is a powerful thing. Until you’ve experienced it, it is the hardest thing to describe. How people can simply exist living off very little, far less than anyone in the west would consider even approaching the so-called poverty level. And therein lay part of the danger we pose. Knowledge of the world outside. A world without. There’s whole regions of the world to which this idea of Capitalism is foreign. Free trade is not, mind you, but big “C” capitalism, and with it the vehicle of consumerism, commodity fetishism, planned obsolescence, and the reliance on mass social psychology in marketing is as alien a concept as warp drive to those accustomed to living without it. But in the West we thrive on such things. And it is a shock to experience a world without neon signs for chain restaurants. How could anyone live in such a world? And yet they do, adhering to familial and cultural ties rather than those artificial ones. It is a concept I label utilitarianism – not the Bentham variety – but one in relation to one’s existence. There is a permanence that we cannot and will not understand.
These same corporate overlords; the ones who control what you see, hear and consume, have decided they want you disarmed. After all, its a more civil world, a more just world, one free of crime, that we’re working towards. Right? Even Marx rejected the disarmament of the Proletariat. A consumerist utopia with no competition is the real objective. A Great Reset. But there’s trouble in paradise. Because the omnipotent machine they built, all knowing, all seeing, just got beat by a people standing as firm against time as Alexander’s great castle on the ancient silk road that I stood in once upon a time. Despite a total rejection of modernity and so-called western influence they could win. And its for that reason that same machine wants you to lay down your arms. They know and understand that the veil has been lifted and a great unwashed has the last vote of no confidence. In this world, all you have to do is stand for something, in the spite of those that stand for nothing.
And we fear not but God.