The following is a list of the course materials for Land Navigation and Map Reading that will be the primary topic for several classes at the latest offering from the American Partisan team.
Green Dragon Academy hosted by my friend and I, Madman Actual and Johnny Paratrooper

There are several contractors for these protractors. Purchase several of these.

They are sold in packs of 5 as well.

There are many Compasses.

This is the only Compass I am intimately familiar with.

You need two. Minimum.

There are several versions of this Manual.

From different years.

They are all useful.

And any maps you may have.
You will want Topographic, Satellite Imagery, and Road Maps for the “Final Exam”.
You can find maps from a variety of vendors.
All maps are different and have their own pro’s and con’s: Including fake roads, hills, and other land marks that don’t exist.
Why do maps have fake and false information? Come to class and I will tell you!
McRand is releasing their 2022 Road Atlases this month, so supplies are low: They will be back in stock soon.
Don’t worry about having everything you need for class, please join us because we are also covering fitness, in class workshops, homework, and some tips and tricks.
Which we cover in class and you can observe in real time during class.
Class is hosted twice a month.
Contact my email [email protected] for access to the class.
NEXT CLASS IS SEPT 22nd, 2021 at 8PM EST using Zoom. Mark Your calendar!
Thanks for reading, I hope to see you in class!
Join us for some funny stories, a few beers, and real world advice that works.
It’s like Radio Contra SOL but we try to stay on topic with the course material as much as possible.
We also have a book club!
Experienced or not. This is the class for you!
Drop any questions in the comments!