Good morning. Here’s your Situational Awareness for Wednesday, 01 September 2021.

  • DHS warns of Afghan-related threats
  • House targets extremists in the military
  • The Squad wants new Fed Chair
  • Overseas manufacturing slows
  • DHS warns of Afghan-related threats
  • DoD’s ruthless missile retirement


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EXTREMISM: The House Armed Services Committee is debating a measure designed to mitigate extremism in the ranks. The proposal would require “certification courses” for promotions above E-5/WO-3/O-5 to ensure leaders can recognize extremism in their formations. The amendment says, “An individual who engages in extremist activities or is a member of an extremist organization may not serve as a member of the armed forces.” It continues that a commander may use “content shared, disseminated, or otherwise made available online (including on social media platforms and accounts)…as cause for involuntary separation from an armed force.” (AC: The murky definitions and castigation of political rivals as “extremists” will likely be weaponized by Far Left actors seeking to consolidate the ideological makeup of the armed forces. At a minimum, this will have a broad chilling effect on troops expressing constitutionally protected ideas. – D.M.)
FED: Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley are requesting Biden replace Fed Chair Jerome Powell with someone focused more on the policy that will “eliminate climate risk” and support “advancing racial and economic justice.” (AC: Critics are beginning to voice concerns about “mission creep” at the central bank, whose prerogative now includes social issues such as race, gender issues, and climate change. These critics are calling for the Fed to focus on monetary issues and monetary issues alone, leaving social issues to be handled by the proper institutions. – T.W.)
MANUFACTURING: A resurgence in COVID cases across China has forced many new lockdowns to be enforced on manufacturing and nonmanufacturing services alike. The manufacturing purchasing managers indexes (PMI), which measures activity in the production sector, fell to 50.1 in August from 50.4 in July, further contributing to the already strained supply chain backlogs. Supply chain issues are expected to last well into 2023. (AC: A PMI of 50 or below indicates a contraction in manufacturing, a trend China seems unable to mitigate. The service sector PMI fell to 47.5 due to pandemic restrictions. Severe government intervention in the Chinese economy remains ongoing as anti-corruption and power consolidation efforts are underway by Xi Jinping. – D.M.)
THREATS: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is tracking three threats to U.S. interests following the massive relocation of Afghans. Threats include; potential hostile actors exploiting the refugee system, domestic religious extremists finding inspiration from the U.S. withdrawal, and targeting of refugees or government figures by white nationalist groups fearing the “great replacement concept.” The FBI says they don’t have any specific threats from foreign terrorist organizations, currently. (AC: The FBI is undercutting the DHS assessment, which does appear to be cobbled together in a “greatest hits” mash-up of general threat types. Mike mentioned previously the “vetting” process for many refugees is inadequate, making this announcement appear more like a hedged bet. -D.M.)
RETIRE: Defense officials are calling for the “ruthless” retirement of Cold War missile defense systems. Brig. Gen. Brian Gibson, director of the Air and Missile Defense cross functional team said attempts to update the Patriot missile and Stinger missile are strategically unsound.  “We’re not going to Patriot and Stinger our way to a modernized air defense force; it’s not going to happen. We can’t afford it, nor should we,” he said during a Fires Conference. (AC: Congressional Democrats are resisting modernization funding for many “once in a generation” weapons systems which are no longer viable. US Strategic Command’s Adm. Richard previously testified about the Minuteman III, “It’s like trying to put an automotive engine control computer on a ’73 Chevelle in some cases. There’s just nothing to hook it to.” – D.M.)
HURRICANE SEASON: Tropical Depression Ida is expected to become post-tropical today as it continues over the mid-Atlantic. The National Hurricane Center predicts heavy flooding across the mid-Atlantic and southern New England. Widespread moderate and major river flooding impacts are forecast from northern West Virginia and western Maryland into southern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, particularly in the Monongahela, Potomac, Susquehanna, Delaware, and lower Hudson river basins. Tornadoes are also expected across the region as secondary weather systems break off from Ida. Tropical Storm Larry is expected to strengthen to a hurricane by Thursday afternoon.

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