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Sometimes called the “Mattick”, “Maddick”, Or “Matic”

Pronounced “Matic” as in Fully-Semi-Auto-Matic

Depending on your accent…

The Pick is about 16+ inches long. (Hickory I believe, pictured with useless ALICE clips which are now in the trash. How those survived ten or twelve years with getting tossed out I don’t know…)

Possible Identifying numbers for requistion research. (Reads “55261” on the top and “US95” on the bottom) The link posted above has them in stock.

Packs nicely into a gravity case.

All Three Parts

The Axe Head. For live root removal, small rocks, and hard pack (Not Ice Cream… Calm yourselves Navy Bros)

Not for hammering hardened and cured firewood. 

Safety cover removed and installed from ALICE pack.


This piece of gear is great for cutting out roots, digging in a packed clay/sand mix, and removing medium sized rocks(30-40lbs) that would bend or break an E-Tool Folding Shovel.

I have seen dozens of E-tool Folding Shovels break.

I have gotten A LOT of use out of my “Mattock” and I recommend that you and your buddies have at least one or two of them handy.

I have an ALICE pack that is kitted out for constructing a G-Camp: Most of the items are as follows…
28 oz Framing Hammer and Large Nails, Shovel, Mattock(The Pick Axe), two E-tools, folding hand saw and bow saw with extra blades, camp axe and a “Kick Shovel” in fiberglass(Camo’d of course) and finally a real “felling” ax. And a metal file for sharpening tools. Which greatly improves the effectiveness of a shovel or pick. Plus two Heavy Duty extra large ponchos. And gloves, gloves, and more gloves. Hand soap and Hair soap And two large folding dog bowls from your local pet store. For washing your face, pits, and [Redacted] and [Redacted]. And a couple 150 grit sanding blocks with scrubbing bristle bars for your feet. Decent quality Rope and a pulley.

And an Ariel Camo Tarp (3D)

Remember, a patrol base is NOT used the twice, and/or, for more than 24 hours.

You should hardly be able to detect a former patrol base; With the exception of trampled weeds or the “smell”.

A patrol base is different from a camp or outpost.

This is an outpost in a pack.

If a fellow G-Bro needed a house, I could build one in the woods out back very easily. Without the need to pilfer my own regular weight and size tools. Which are far too heavy and bulky to carry any measurable or reasonable distance.
Don’t get me wrong, real tools have their place; I use them everyday.

This is a “Pioneer’s Pack” by every definition of the word.

Usable from Coast to Coast.

I could simply lend out the ALICE kit for a week or two. Which is plenty of time to construct a heck of a sleeping shelter or living quarters that should last a year or two. Depending on terrain. (Minimum)
My G-Camp ALICE pack is a medium size pack, plus sustainment pouches with everything needed to create a small fort in the woods.

  • Wind Break of sticks cut to various lenghts?
  • Saw Cut Joints?
  • Clearing Firebreaks?
  • Building a dam or wildlife fencing?
  • Garden/Deer Fencing
  • Constructing a Field Latrine?
  • 2 gallons of water with powdered drink mix
  • Long, Heavy Nails and Hammer
  • Fire Starter kit
  • And half a dozen other useful items like chem-lights and batteries
  • “Turn” or “Stop” fencing?
  • Breaking Trail?

The pack is quite heavy and bulky, and borders on the “Bring a friend” zone. But the average farm hand could hump it a mile or two if one were motivated enough.
Thanks for reading.