Did you know the U.S. Politicians blew up a Christmas Tree for the CCP during Christmas on the National Mall in Washington D.C.?

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The 100 Year Marathon

The most interesting aspect of this book is that it provides a lot of the stories that the mainstream media never covered or discusses.

For instance, did you know that our leaders celebrated a Chinese State Sponsored artist by paying him $250,000 to blow up a Christmas tree in the National Mall in Washington D.C. one month before Christmas? American Spies in China and on the Net noted an increase in traffic making fun of the west for being so dumb that our leaders blew up a symbol of western christianity and we paid for it.

Our country, by extension of our weak leaders, is a joke…

Below is the video of our leaders cheering and clapping the destruction of a Christian Symbol in our National Mall, Washington D.C.

Again, they paid $250,000 for this work of “Art”

You’ll notice, our leaders don’t blow up symbols of Judaism, Islam, LGBTQ+, BLM, or Communism in the National Mall.

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