If you would like to join us for class, please select the “Green Dragon Student” tier to receive the email link for the Zoom Classroom.

The next class for Green Dragon Academy requires a “Green Dragon Student” tier to attend.

If you decide to become a member of GDA, please send me an email and tell me what your Patreon name is so that I may add you to the master email list.

Currently, we are using Zoom at for our classroom experience.

This process, while a bit complicated, provides a degree of digital security for our students by jumping around on different platforms. So that no single platform has all our information.

I understand and am familiar with the basic threats from Zoom, and other such platforms.

A private browser, using Firefox, and a VPN will hide nearly 100% of your digital footprint.

Green Dragon Academy is in the foundational phase of building. We are working out various methods, and will improve with time. We are still working out the kinks.

Again, If you would like to join us for class, please select the “Green Dragon Student” tier to receive the email link for the Zoom Classroom.

Currently, we are teaching a classes on Land Navigation and Map Reading and will be switching to Combat Patrols, Battle Drills, and various tips and tricks using the Ranger Handbook, USMC Infantry and Scouting Manual, and Infantry Manual for the American Partisan.

We are going to cover topics like

  • Taking out an enemy bunker.
  • Counter-Sniper Operations and separating fact from fiction
  • how to properly conduct a simple and complex ambush.
  • Troop leading procedures, Mission Planning, and how to prepare for various attacks, raids, and ambushes.
  • Special Equipment required for these missions
  • What mission types will be run against G-Force.
  • What a Big Army is capable of relative to a Small G-Force.
  • How a Big Army moves.

The classroom environment is an excellent and affordable way to learn new skill theories and to sharpen skills you may have already learned in various other classes or during your military service.

We are going to start at the beginning and build a foundation of knowledge and then move to maneuvers.

  • This will begin with basic formations; Like a football playbook.
  • And we will move to more complex ideas.
  • The purpose of this is to inform our students of what enemy forces will do and will not do and what friendly forces should do and should not do.

Currently, Madman Actual, and I, Johnny Paratrooper, are shopping for a new computer to provide our students with a better resolution and sound quality. Although, I have been told the sound is quite good, but the video quality could be improved.

We are also going to purchase access to some other learning tools, but we have not decided which ones yet, and, of course, we have not had time to familiarize ourselves with the user interface.

Most likely, we will stick to the current format we have because it is simple and not overly complex or technical.

I used Zoom for 18 months in college and it works quite well. I see little reason to switch platforms.

Thanks for reading! And I hope to see you in class.


-J.P. and M.M.A.

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