As mentioned in the last Radio Contra Podcast, by the one and only, N.C. Scout.

Personally, I would have had my 15 minutes of fame and road off into the sunset.

However, this Marine Officer made a tactical decision.

Which I am certain he had his reasons for.

Knowing when to break contact and press the attack isn’t something learned in a day; Nor is it learned overnight.

Which we will be discussing next in Green Dragon Academy (Linked here) after our final lecture on Land Navigation, Map Reading, and Tips and Tricks.

Class is now on Fridays, twice a month, at 8PM EST. The next class is October 8th.

I salute this man.

He is not the first American Officer to stand up to tyrants.

And he ain’t the last.

Not by a long shot.



PHF is leading the charge.

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A few links below.

Marine commander relieved over viral video calling out military leaders for Afghanistan withdrawal [UPDATED]

Marine Officer Demands Leadership Accept Accountability For Kabul, Gets Removed From Position After Going Viral


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