It is a label applied frequently over the years since my childhood. “Anti-government’ militias and so-called ‘far Right extremists’ that always, unquestionably, posed a existential threat to the good order of the United States, so it were. Of course. This was the 1990s, William Clinton was every bit the devil described by the grassroots opposition in the form of Bob Brown and Soldier of Fortune Magazine, shortwave radio hosts, and of course, The Resistor. Those times seem good when looking back, comparatively speaking, to today.

At the heart of such labels you find the same people, over and over. On a basic level people who love their nation, seek to preserve their culture, and despise being spat upon for holding any fundamental religious beliefs, let alone the offense of the Cross. People who refuse to be disarmed. Barrack Obama told us what they all collectively believe when he derided the same. He’s correct; we refuse to give up God, guns and culture. For what would we be giving up our way of life to achieve? No other intruding culture is asked to surrender its practices on the altar of Americanism, but in turn we should do so for the sake of those who do not seek such?

Thus they label us ‘anti-government’. It is a technique when no other can be utilized, character assassinate and brand one an outsider. How dare he thumb his nose in the face of progress or the direction of your betters. After all, we’ll send our goons if you refuse just severely enough. The religion of the state cannot allow for apostasy lest it have such an authority challenged. Their benevolence only has so much patience, after all.  The challenge today, unlike times past, becomes maintaining control of their own narrative. Such a thing used to be easy. The grandfatherly news anchor read it from his script, so it was thus. Life and death in the thirty minute news show. Those times are as much a relic now as the frail, mentally inept muppet postured as a President. Once a well spoken and skilled liar-statesman, he’s now hidden for the bulk of his days in a futile effort to be made legitimate to anyone stupid enough to believe it. But he’s very much a fitting pillar of DC and its Ivy League elite, playing the American people as fools before their kayfabe shenanigans.

The irony of such a label, being called ‘anti-government’, when among those labeled are the most Patriotic of Americans including those who’ve faithfully served their nation, is humorous. What you mean to say is those who refuse to go along. We know when we’re being lied to, when we’re being used, when the cards you’re dealing are from a rigged deck. In fact its those who’ve served this nation who become the most alarmed when we see the very moral turpitude readily on display without so much as a statement of culpability. Not only are American Servicemen your pawns but also, apparently without shame, are your former ‘regional partners’. Even your hand picked Generals are bloated, treasonous relics. At this rate it would be hard to understand how anyone of any moral fabric could not be appalled at such a murderous, schizophrenic regime. Thus perhaps the label is then fitting.

It is easy for the opposition to point at your various excesses and misgivings. The veil of objectivity and justice has been ripped back, the velvet glove no longer conceals an iron fist. When one group is unduly punished for simply speaking out while another quite literally is guilty of that which you accuse us, there is no further authority to be claimed. The arsonists of Black Lives Matter are still running free, awaiting orders from their Democrat overlords with a wink and a nod. What remains is a product of its own usurpation, illegitimate to everyone save themselves. The cruel joke of it all is that without the duping of a rapidly aging out population, it is one that would have already fallen. A pendulum will fall, and with it, the axe.

There is a stark difference between the reality of today and the earlier eras of our forbears that cannot be ignored. In the wake of the so-called ‘Great Reset’ and the culmination of the reckless economic policies of the same, a pattern begins to emerge. The outsourcing of labor to the very same enemies seeking our dismantlement now appears purposefully done, for whatever value in solace that may bring. The aim is the destruction of the United States and its replacement, using the Chinese as both the primary means of new labor and the enforcement for the world order you seek to bring about. The sons of those discarded laborers found themselves fighting wars on the other side of the world, more a war for those same elite than one for the survival of a nation. There remained a hope that things would somehow get better on their own, those last barriers to direct action need not be crossed. That’s gone. And in the continuing wake, you’ve simultaneously built a nightmare that anyone with experience in such matters should see coming; mass unemployment, a diminished hope, and a well seasoned populace. What you created was the most competent guerrilla cadre perhaps ever assembled. The Nineties saw the first two; unemployment and despair, but not on the scale we experience today. No nation has ever successfully fought an insurgency made from the foundation now laid. And for the Patriot, all he has to do is stand for God, refuse to lay down his arms, and continue to thumb his nose at those named above. The Resistance is indeed building.

As we know most recently from Afghanistan, you may have the watches, we have the time. And, in spite of the lack of F-15s and nuclear weapons, as we were so incoherently lectured, time and determination appears a far more potent weapon than either.



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