Today we’re trying a new kind of live stream. We’re taking the Baofeng UV5R and we’re going to go from absolute beginner to some of the advanced use cases you might want to use. NOTE: the things we cover will work the same or similar with other Chinese radios. 

0:00 Intro 2:02 what is HRCC about? 4:30 #FENGGANG? 5:37 Agenda for tonight 7:16 What a Baifeng Is? 12:54 Baofeng Controls 17:20 Scan Function 19;20 The Most Important Setting! 21:25 What Is Simplex Calling? Walkie-Talkie?? 22:46 Simplec Radio Programming 25:30 Repeater function and programming 30:55 Baofeng Accessories 33:20 The Best Accessory 35:15 Installing CHIRP 38:20 Plug In The Cable 41:10 Program Radio With CHIRP 45:14 MIKLOR!’ and FTDi Drivers! 48:56 FRS/GMRS Programing 49:26 Uploading Porgraming to Radio 50:18 Setting Memory Channel Name 51:28 SSTV On Baofeng 57:58 APRS On a Baifeng

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