Weekend Gospel message to follow for All Hands (15-17OCT21)

Heads-Up — Please find enclosed encouragement in SO GREAT SALVATION by the perfect and finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ in saving poor, needy and wretched sinners by His sovereign free grace -Almighty God’s unmerited favor to save us from our sins and from Hell:

***“Did Christ Die For Me?”***

Have you ever struggled with thoughts and questions such as these? – “I know that all for whom Christ died and arose again SHALL BE SAVED. I am confident that Christ, by His blood, put away all the sins of all for whom He died. I am also confident that all for whom He died stand justified before God as they have HIS righteousness imputed (charged) to their account. What I am concerned about, even anxious about is this – Did He die for me? There are many who claim Christ died for them, and there are many who trust in a false Christ. Did Christ die for me? Am I truly saved?”

The answer is simply this – The death of Christ insured and secured the salvation of His people, and this includes that they be given spiritual life and brought to faith in Him. If you really want to know if Christ died for you, ask yourself these questions – “Do I believe on the Lord Jesus Christ? Is He my only hope of salvation, of righteousness, forgiveness, eternal life, and glory? Am I truly resting IN HIM, God in human flesh, Who alone has secured my whole salvation eternally by His obedience unto death?

Do I love and follow Him as He is identified and distinguished in God’s written and revealed Word, or am I looking to someone else or for something else for salvation?” Although we cannot tell everyone without exception indiscriminately that Christ died for them, we can tell everyone without exception who truly believes, rests in, and follows the true Christ of the Bible, “He died for you.”

—preacher Bill Parker of Eager Avenue Grace church in Albany, Georgia


***”Storm Warning: Prove All Things”*** is a fifteen-minute Gospel broadcast each Friday via WWCR on World Band/Short-Wave radio at 3.215 MHz (3215 KHz) at 2115 Hours (9:15 PM) U.S. Central Time. The goal is to exalt Christ JESUS; to encourage His people and to warn all hands to flee to Him immediately.

This can also be heard online by going to WWCR.com a few minutes prior to the broadcast. Click on “Listen Online.” Then you’ll see “WWCR-1,” underneath that choose either Windows Media Player or MP3 player.

The LORD JESUS be magnified!