If you haven’t heard by now, late Sunday afternoon a man drove an SUV through a parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. So far there are 6 deaths and over 40 injured. These attacks are becoming more common, so what can YOU, the everyday person, do to be prepared for it? Well, training is a great place to start. Blindly shooting into the car wouldn’t have solved much but probably would have caused a lot more injuries. So we’ll rule that out for now. But you can do something to improve the outcome of those injured. Medical training is becoming ever more relevant in our increasingly dangerous world. From an unconfirmed report I saw, a nurse was anonymously saying that if it weren’t for fast-acting law enforcement and a few good samaritans a lot more people would be dead. One bystander reportedly applied a CAT to one victim while a cop applied a SOFF-TT-W to another victim. There were a large number of broken legs in this attack. Do you at least carry a TQ on your person when you go out? What about when you go to a large community event with the chance of violence? A bag in your car isn’t going to help any, there won’t be time to go run and grab it. Now I’m not saying walk around with a fully stocked Aid bag like it’s Fallujah. But, you’d be surprised what you can fit in a diaper bag (if you have a kid still in diapers) or even just a non-descript backpack. We can no longer sit idly by and wait for first responders to take care of us, we must take it upon ourselves to be our own first responders. How much medical training do you have? How recently did you attend it? This stuff has a shelf life.

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