Just received direct confirmation from the Palmetto State Armory top brass:

We are going to be producing steel cased ammo. Right now the plan is for 7.62×39, 5.45 and 54R. The tentative release date is 2023, but that can change with time.

This is seriously exciting news considering the State Department’s ban on future importation of Russian manufactured ammo.

It was widely speculated in the past few weeks that a plan was in the works for PSA, as they’ve been seriously invested in building great AKs here in the US. Kalashnikov shooters, myself included, have been concerned regarding the latest ludicrous action by the US State Department, which was really aimed at harming the 2A community more than causing financial strain on the Russian Federation. The speculation was fueled by rumors on several forums and word inside the training community, but American Partisan now has confirmation.

This moves proves once more PSA minces no words regarding where they stand in arming American Freedom Fighters.