Sent to me by a friend, and fellow reader, SOG.

Thank you for the street level intelligence.

I love SLI.

Makes sense…

Anyone who has been following China’s Belt and Road Initiative understands that they build state of the art 5G ports and logistics management facilities.

We do not.

Unlike what many of the lying, loud mouth internet celebrities and talk show hosts say, 5G is not a giant bug zapper that is going to turn us into mindless zombies.

And it doesn’t give you cancer.

It certainly doesn’t make oxygen particles spin backwards. (LOL)

5G is simply the Internet 2.0 with cloud based computing for AI driving, logistics, and the IOT aka Internet of Things.

Observe Below.

They can move MUCH more materials, people, products, and supplies than we can.

They also have 25 times the number of ocean cargo vessels.

And growing…

Read below.