– Soviet Union suffers worst wheat harvest in 55 years

– Labor and food riots in Poland, Soviet troops invade

– Cuba and Nicaragua reach troop strength goals of 500,000. El Salvador and Honduras Fall.

– Greens party gains control of West German parliament demands withdrawal of nuclear weapons from European soil

– Mexico plunged into revolution

– NATO dissolves, united states stands alone

This is the introduction to the legendary Red Dawn, which described a fictional collapse of the West and the resultant invasion of the US. Many usually mistake the invasion on part of the Russians – they certainly played a part – but the real invasion came from an open southern border.

As I described in the last episode of Radio Contra, the invasion of the US from our southern border is undeniable at this point. There must be a logical conclusion to why there are people from Eastern Europe, Haiti, and Africa on top of those being trafficked in from Central America. And it can easily be surmised that those desperate for entry into the US in abject poverty will increasingly be open to more and more radical ideas, prone to violence as the frustrations over living conditions continue to mount. If we assume that even one percent of these people have training in insurgencies on part of a foreign intelligence agency, which is realistic, then there’s a major problem on our hands.

Those people are being gathered, guided, trafficked, trained and exploited by a global communist menace hell bent on the erasure of national borders and the destruction of the United States. In short, the introduction to Red Dawn, were it made today, could be re-written as:

– The world suffers continuing socioeconomic effects of the COVID Bioweapon, leading to massive supply chain shortages and unemployment.

China experiences mass food and power shortages with winter approaching, forcing military moves on Taiwan to cement support for Chinese Communist Party.

Russia seeks to bolster borders in response to moves on part of NATO to isolate Russian oil interests into Europe. Moves Pacific sub fleet to reinforce Chinese Navy against US response.

– Poland and Belarus reach aggression levels not seen since the close of the Cold War as middle eastern migrants are being used as a destabilization force. Poland calls on NATO unification pact. Ukraine faces invasion by Russian army.

Communist Party election victories continue in Central and South America. Juan Guido loses power, cementing socialist control of Venezuela. Balsonaro faces repeated assassination attempts and political upheaval in Brazil, with socialists seeking to gain control of government. Cuba reaches new level of national furor after failed color revolution.

– Fifth column begins heightened levels of insurgent activity in the US, exploiting media-created social unrest and ethnic tensions. Supply chain shortages and government incompetence leads to runaway inflation with fears of an economic collapse.

When you follow the links, there’s a parallel picture that’s being drawn. The last point, identifying the Fifth Column at work here in the US, is the last piece in a destabilizing force that intend on tipping the American people into complete chaos. All we have to do is take them at their word. When it becomes rapidly apparent that the Power Elite in this nation are actively aiding these measures, there leaves little else to ponder.

They’re setting America up for a fall and in a big way. When they do, its going to be the peacekeepers they bring in; the dogs of war groomed in Central and South America that they’ve laid the groundwork for training and arming, who are marching in the streets in support of communist revolutionaries they’ve placed in charge.

All of a sudden it doesn’t seem so implausible, does it?

What are you doing with your time?