There should be no doubt at this point that we’re in a new Cold War. With the latest news pointing towards arms control talks between the US and China in the wake of China’s successful testing of its hyper-sonic missile, it is assured that a new weapons race is beginning. The US is committed to war defending Taiwan and its interests in the South China Sea, Korea, and Japan, and China seeking to dethrone the US and formalize its position as the new world superpower. And how did they get there? With stolen technology and a sympathetic American Left.

China is looking to expand, now finding itself in a position of strength the post-WWII Soviets never found themselves. Not having to mitigate a bombed out and war depleted economy, coupled with having taken advantage of a morally bankrupt and horribly corrupt political class in the United States, they’ve slowly but surely built themselves into a rival world power complete with neo-colonial aims, making them the payday loan sharks of the world. Just ask Ghana.

That said, China also finds itself in a position the Soviets never could quite achieve. While they provided much in the way of fomenting domestic discord, the Soviets could never surmount the underlying American pride that tied together populism in the 20th Century. This built the middle classes, both labor and management, which viewed Communism in general with great disdain. Even the Left of the time found itself in a severe predicament; the populist movements of the early 20th Century that defined the American Left, which bore the likes of Haymarket Square, Labor riots and the Battle of Blair Mountain were cast aside amid improving workplace conditions and overall positive social aims. And although not all was perfect, it was generally understood even among the Left that communism was verboten in the eyes of American culture. The real America. And that same underground figured out, taking the advice from Antonio Gramsci and his intellectual progeny from the Frankfurt School that the lone path forward was to cement their status in American intelligentsia. The Soviets could not completely gain control in this area, with their own critical errors leading to their formal downfall. That left China as the benefactor of the American Left, a move they’d happily embrace.

The American public easily looked away from the threat; after all, we’d won the Cold War, Reagan forced Pestroika and they were losing badly in Afghanistan. Society had reached the pinnacle of development. The drive we maintained over the duration of the post-WWII order brought achievements not thought possible rapid succession. And with it, all seemed right. Even the Democrats were able to hide behind the veil of populism, electing the well concealed communist machine to the White House, bubbling up the products of five decades of underground preparation. With Communism being such a verboten idea in the formalized sense, any and all criticism pointing the obvious was dismissed as lunacy. After all, they ran the media. And as the rot became more visible, the doubling down continued. The Left knew it and offered no remorse, pulling back the veil on their real aims to where we find ourselves today. And in it, they find a willing ally in China.

The primary difference today versus the post-WWII era is that the majority of American society knew the cost. Despite subversive elements tied to the university systems, they were a small minority even among those with Liberal inclinations. America was good, Soviets were bad. And it was that simple. Not anymore. That institutional rot has manifested itself even into our critical research and development sectors, which maintained a strategic edge over our communist adversary in the previous cold war. Not so today. Can such ‘woke’ corporations such as Boeing be counted upon to build better equipment? Judging by the F-35, I wonder. Judging by the conditions of big tech, I’d easily argue that they’re quite complicit in the downfall of America. Can our ‘woke’ military under a treasonous Milley, a traitor who’d be shot during the first Cold war, even be trusted with any sort of combat readiness? These are not questions a people committed to their own greatness should even have to ask. Simply observing how much of American industry is now outsourced, sold out by the very same Democrat politicians who levied their support on the backs of the organized labor they claimed they supported. But, perhaps worst of all, our education systems cannot even remotely be viewed supportive of an American future. Greatness is an idea having long since been abandoned. How dare you think so.

This Cold War is not one to be won, at least not until severe reforms are made at home. The American Left is at best a treasonous element to a coherent society and cannot be trusted in any form with this nations most sensitive projects to ensure the survival of our people. Until they are dealt with, with the courage to call them what they are and the fortitude to expunge them from that which makes America strong, we will continue to see the downfall, of this once-great nation. A group of people who view their own nation as the problem, not the solution, are not people to be trusted with the direction of a society, lest any participation in it goals or achievements.