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However, certain components, namely those for comms, can be a rather niche product field.
Force multipliers For Owning The Night
Comms > Bombs
PTT for comms, antenna’s etc  PTTfrom baofeng to headset/ear pro peltors etc…
69$ two pack! field phones these work!    1/2 mile wire was in stock for 29 bucks,but any two stage wire should do such as speaker wire etc. just keep it dry:
Signal for Signaling when Supporting a Support By Fire
26.5mm Czech surplus smoke and signal flares,surplus flare guns are 2-3x the cost and weight, if you want to get fancy you can get the launchers as well.
Maritime signal and illums can be found too, similar to slap flares (AKA Punch Flares or Pop Flares)   Airsoft Grade (Meaning “Field Legal”) smoke pull ring. These can put out a large volume of smoke for signaling or masking.
J.P.’s notes: Smoke is used for Signaling by day, Smoker Generators (Typically Vehicle Mounted Units or are munitions for Indirect Fire Weapons) work much, much better for concealment and are leaps and bounds ahead of ANY handheld unit.
Perimeter Protection- Concertina Wire is a ridiculously effective piece of kit. You will need the C-Wire Gloves for handling.