I recall life as an undergrad in those early years of the 2000s. This would be the post-9/11 era but just prior to the Iraq invasion. You know – the one the NYT cheer leaded on rumors of so-called weapons of mass destruction, which we of course gave the Baathist government, replete with images of a possible threat from massed Iraqi tanks poised to move into Kuwait and the House of Saud. Ah yes, good times. Mission Accomplished!

It was indeed a strange time and one easily to be caught in as a young adult all too willing to find out what makes the grass grow green. And, did I ever. But in that time, in the couple of years leading up to what would become the next step in a strange journey, I had contact with several recent Vets from the region, be it Afghanistan or Iraq. Among them were similar themes, a certain cynical attitude, and a shared pain that can only be understood by those who know. If you don’t know, you never will. Nothing personal, but don’t ask us. This would be an emotion a certain fragment of the Left would exploit in full with a group known as Veterans Against the War. And like all things on the Left, the best lies seek to closely emulate the truth. Knowing that it was just another astroturfed communist front seeking to exploit the angry, I viewed them with scorn, almost like traitors to their own nation.

The real issue would only later become known. There were no nuclear weapons, and the numbers of aging and badly maintained T-72s and BTR-80s would be zero match for modern combined arms. And while the same chemical weapons remained in the country, those rumors of WMDs were simply a ploy to get in the nation, remove the guy they put into power a couple decades earlier, to put a new crew in that wouldn’t challenge the order of things. And we just so happened to figure out that while we’re there billions can be made for the military industrial complex while we test out new equipment and omnipotent surveillance techniques we can bring home.

Fast forward a few years and the broken record of Iraq kept skipping, so while we were busy figuring out the exit plan the same apparatus decided color revolutions across the middle east were in order – it just so happened that there were key resources in each of those nations needing exploitation. Egypt needed the Suez canal, Tunisia a port of entry into Africa, Libya was causing problems for BP, and Syria’s pipeline into Europe was a little to Russia-friendly. And they’re the competition to the Rockefeller Standard Oil cartel centered on Martha’s Vineyard that never really went away. We overthrew all of them save for Syria, only after the adults in the room stepped in. Goddamn Yankees. Notice nothing of the sort happened in the House of Saud or Kuwait. Curious. It wouldn’t be until I returned to that bizarre world of academia, a severely altered man, that I came to at least understand the larger point.

That brings us of course to Ukraine. Euromaidan was its own color revolution, following the exact same trajectory as its contemporaries leading to a forced annexation of Crimea and heavy fighting in Donbass. And while the same western media which is all too happy to foment discord both at home and abroad might suddenly awaken a nationalist charm, even cuing Toby Keith, will tell us stories of how its the Russian Bear seeking to flex its muscle, the truth is they’re lying their collective asses off again and want your sons and daughters to die for it. That brings us to Burisma.

Burisma Holdings is a Ukrainian oil exploration and production company with its operations headquartered in Kiev. They are one of the largest natural gas producers in Europe, rivaling Russian Gazprom and its operations in the European Union. Its the same company that Hunter Biden which got a seat on the board, despite having zero experience as an oil man. He’s well versed in the coke trade though. Cofer Black, famous neo-con CIA man under the Bush administration, shares a seat on that same board. Yeah, the same guy who told us about the WMDs. Curiously Burisma is also the major stakeholder of Delaware energy corporation Sunrise Energy Resources. The best part is yet to come however- Burisma has no requirement to disclose its financials, meaning, its outside anyone’s control. What’s happening in a nutshell is there’s a corrupt oil operation the Power Elite set up on the doorstep of the competition, are using the military might of the US – cough, er, NATO – to enforce and make threats, while pointing to the dogged, wretched corpse of Muammar Gaddafi shot down by hired guns as to what happens when you cross us. How dare you look for a fair shake in the world market.

Except the problem is that they’re not dealing with cash strapped post-Colonial despots. They’re dealing with a man every bit as ruthless if not more than they, who, instead of allowing the cultural rot we enjoy here in the US, can maintain a cultural cohesion and national direction. Who would want a coalition built on the inability to determine which bathroom to use, secure its own borders, or prevent rampant insurrection through an assurance of swift and severe punishment? And this is ignoring the fact that the installed chairman of the board, Joe Biden, is barely coherent. These are not simply people incapable of trust, their exhibited penchant for national cultural suicide should dismiss even the entertainment of engagement with the West. The empire has run its course and the rot is too severe to hide.

Prior to the installation of the Biden administration America was energy independent, relying on domestic energy production, bolstered by the Keystone XL pipeline and keeping prices low on main street. That was the problem – the wrong people were making money and it was ruining the wealth to be made on the world stage for Rockefeller’s decedents. Its for this reason the push for so-called green energy, which is little more than a social control mechanism to destroy whatever manufacturing capability the US maintains became once more a top priority to the power brokers behind Biden. If energy is cheap at home, the profits are slim abroad.

And those are profits you’re going to be paying for, Americans. You’ll be led by corrupt, incompetent buffoons incapable of even hiding their treason against you, incapable of managing even a sane withdrawal from Afghanistan, yet daring to stand in front of you asking once more for your trust. This one has run its course and the Emperor, along with his entire wretched entourage, has no clothes. Those same disgruntled Vets I saw siding with the Left way back in the day don’t seem so silly now. And while organizations like Veterans Against the War simply serve as training cadre for the larger communist insurrection currently ongoing in the US, the same position can be taken among national populists. We’re not fighting your war.

No Blood for Burisma.