The 5 F’s of field sanitation are Fingers, Feces, Food, Flies, and Fluids.

  1. Fingers = Wash your hands, trim your fingernails, and scrub you hands as often as possible. Know that anything you touch is contaminated.
  2. Feces = Have a plan to properly dispose of human waste. Understand how deep it needs to be buried and that it can, and will, attract unusual animals and insects. Try not to contaminate your own water sources or the water sources of others.
  3. Food = Handle food safely, cook throughly, and prevent the contamination of food by not using food stuffs from dubious sources. Also, as the GWOT vets know, avoid using contractors of dubious moral and ethical values. They may poison your food with disease.
  4. Flies = Prevent flies from landing on your face, food, lips, eyes, and fluids. Flies of all types spread disease. Mosquitos can survive in water contaminated by human waste and when they bite you, they will give you a nasty pimple.
  5. Fluids = Make sure that all fluids are clean, potable, and are kept free of other contaminates. Flies are not only attacked to feces and food, but also fluids.

Field Sanitation PDF linked below.