Three days after I posted my article on if Trump was Benedict Arnold or clueless, It didn’t take long for him to show his true colors again.

He’s both! Watching him gloating on stage with the ever grotesque Bill O’Reilly pandering for us to get his Clot Shot, is as clear of a signal to me as Whoopie Goldberg is ugly. The only thing Trump could have done worse would be to invite his little buddy Fauci along, Heck he may have been back stage, nothing surprises me now with Trump.

If you read my article you may have discovered I Think Trump is a Rat. My father warned me about Trump, He’s a New York Liberal son, never trust a Liberal he said with disgust. I should have listed to him.

Anyone that pays attention to body language, voice tone changes and other aspects of human behavior noticed Trump was cocky arrogant and belittling to the crowd, like their children, It was disgusting to watch and they cheered for him. Yes this is a cult now.

This is not the behavior of a man that has Americas best interests at heart, Trump is no friend of the American people he’s worse, he’s working against the American people just like the Democrats and most Republicans.

As I was writing this article Sleepy Joe Thanked the genius Trump for creating the vaccine, and of course gullible Trump was thankful for it. Biden stole the election from Trump and is now giving him credit for his Vaccine that’s killing everyone. There setting him up and he has no clue. I digress.

On January 6 one million people came to Washington to see Trump. Trump said get here! I need you! It’s going to be massive we have a Huge announcement to make. yada yada.

He called for Americans to get to DC for his pep rally to support him. And boy did they, from all over the country flying his flags calling his name, wearing his merch and stroking his Giant ego.

America was expecting some amazing speech in the country’s darkest hour, however Trump delivered the same whiney snooze fest he always did, It’s was a pathetically weak and boring speech filled with the same dribble as all the others, The shivering and disappointed crowd turned their backs on him and started leaving in disgust walking to the capital while he was still talking.

People were mad and frustrated, however were they being set up by Trump?

Did Trump ask the people to come so the operation could unfold? Did he do one of his lame boilerplate boohoo speeches on purpose to piss off the crowd? Maybe, because it worked, did he know what was going on and was he in on it? None of this would have happened if Trump never did any of this because it served no other purpose.

During his speech Trump told the crowd multiple times to go to the Capitol where Epps and company were waiting for them, leading the unsuspecting patriot’s right into the trap.

Why did it take hours for him to tell people to stop and go home after calls from many prominent people begging him to say something including his son?

Why no national guard on the Capitol?

Why did trump throw his supporters to the wolves? To this day he does nothing to help the Jan 6 political prisoners and he seems to care less.

I never thought this was possible until trump showed his disdain for is supporters on his Warp Speed Vax Tour with Bill O’Reilly.

Now I’m thinking anything is possible when it comes to Donald Trump.