The Great Deception for the Great Reset

Written for those that know something is going on, but can’t quite figure it out. Our children are growing up in a globo-corporate dystopia and it is painfully obvious.

But how are they doing it?

Navigating this hellscape is simple, stop using electronics for the rest of our live. However, that’s a near impossibility for most of the workforce in 2021. Before we get into it, anything in bold is something identified by the author as something known to be misunderstood or not understood at all. Here’s how “The Man” is gettin’ you down:

What is meant by ‘Exploitation’, anyway?

One Common definition is as follows: using technology for purposes other than the original intention of the design and product.

The electromagnetic spectrum includes radio frequencies, colors (visible to the human eye), all the way to x-rays and beyond. Yes, that image of your broken leg is a manipulation of the electromagnetic spectrum via camera lenses and some radiation. Why bring this up? When humans make discoveries about the physics of our world, it can be MANipulated and therefore exploited. Mobile Telephones, for example. Originally advertised as a convenient means to keep in touch with family and make incredibly destructive business deals with foreign intelligence agents posing as CEOs, no matter where you go. Fast Forward that 8-track into the digital streaming with IPv6 future. Mobile ‘Smart’ Telephones could be more accurately described as pocket computers with telephony capability. Gee Sally! those smart phones sure are something, huh? Yeah they’re something, alright. That’s a little Life Tracking device exploited by anyone that wants the keys to your brain…allow me to elaborate.

All that metadata we keep hearing about was not intended to be sold and used for advertising. It’s simply a necessary biproduct of routing through the internet so you can visit American Partisan. You can’t just walk into someone’s house without letting them know you’re there, that’s called Trespassing. That doesn’t mean you need to give them your last 5 addresses, credit card information, and Social Security Number…just your fake name and lying about where you came from will suffice. Why lie? Here’s why:

What if I told you, that there really are Artificial Intelligence(AI) programs that can collect, assess, and compartment all of your 1’s and 0’s(8 at a time also known as a ‘byte’ or ‘bit’) to build a complete pattern of life? Would you believe me? Probably not, but it’s okay to be wrong sometimes. Advertising companies have been building profiles on demographics since, well…since advertising became a part of Dystopia. This is the Open Source(OSINT) knowledge:  I wonder where they got the idea from? Aliens….must be aliens.

Netflix did something good?? Kinda…still post modern(ish)

In 2020 Netlfix produced and released the title “The Social Dilemma” directed by Jeff Orlowski. The film outlines how a business model turned into a monster. An “AI” that tracks what people like and uses human psychology against humanity, for usage. Advertisers pay social media companies to feature ads on their websites. The more viewers, the more money. It’s not ‘News’ that people are addicted to their phones. So what happens when someone with an agenda starts to use this technology? You get the summers of rage. You have two extremes fighting in the street. Why? Destabilization(Step 2) in the subversion of a country as outlined by Yuri Bezmenov in his 1983 lecture. Step 1 is demoralization… we ARE as a nation, demoralized.  The one key take away from the documentary is that this algorithm (AI) is so good a figuring what you like and who you are that It may even be able to feed you certain information and manipulate your perception of the world around you….like, ZOINKS SCOOB! Diabolical, indeed.

Building Agenda 2030

Subversion doesn’t stop with tracking your internet activities and using existing marketing schemes to push political agendas and false narratives to confuse, divide, and motivate a population to shred each other. Opinion pieces from known ideologues of a certain persuasion, public and private sector bribery, former Flag Officers with private business interests regarding the continuation of wars… Generals from Psyops divisions going online and advocating Qanon. Sounds like a good way to distract people. Deception is key for this vile scheme.

CEOs kids hanging out with politicians kids because they all go to the same Ivy league universities. You know Ivy is an invasive and destructive weed. Especially English Ivy. A weed is a great example of how subversion works. You start pushing propaganda that no one could disagree with, therefore, don’t notice(Green Ivy in a sea of green). Then slowly but surely, turn up the heat until the Ivy is all you see, no more tulips and peony. The propaganda never starts full blast. It always starts with something like “beating gay people for being gay is bad” next thing you know “you can’t say the word gay if you aren’t gay”. Without upsetting anymore minorities, let’s finish this up so you can get off your screen.

Social media and tech companies use an algorithm (Artificial Intelligence) to exploit psychological principles of human beings, so they get more money from the ads they run. Agenda driven entities exploited this technology in the form of, politicians, media, and private enterprises being just as exposed to this “mind control” technology, were either bought or actually are convinced of the nonsense. My honest assessment is a realistic 50/50. The best way to defend yourself? Trust in the Lord Almighty and get off social media. Seriously limit your “mainstream” exposure. And if you find yourself with more free time and money since you don’t spend hours a day scrolling on your phone and buying random junk via ads thrown at you, get some medical, communications, and firearms training. You may need it someday.


“Mali, timete justum”- Evil, fear the Righteous