What a world we live in where communists become capitalists. Ruopeng Liu, nicknamed China’s Elon Musk, claims technology he brought back to the People’s Republic of China was simply research. His former professor, Dr. David Smith, says otherwise along with the FBI’s counterintelligence division.

But what did he steal exactly? Military funded research into materials invisible to microwaves. These materials are considered the next generation of stealth technology and have been spearheaded by Dr. Smith’s research. His story is one of thousands however; every research university is rife with exchange students that are entirely funded by either foreign intelligence agencies, NGOs, or some combination of both. Research into cutting edge technology has been a perennial target of adversarial nations, likely ramped up as tensions can only escalate between the PRC and the US and allies in the future.

Considering how the communist nation made the man rich once he returned home, there should be little doubt that the Ministry of State Security (Chinese Intelligence) played a hand in paying his incredibly high tuition and living expenses in exchange for attendance at such a prestigious institution. As I’ve explained before, Every intelligence agency under the sun has a technology branch; its one of the first jobs of an intelligence agency. And our open doors policy to the world will come home to roost.