Espionage usually only carries a military and governmental context. But industrial espionage is a huge business, especially when it’s State-sponsored. As I’ve covered in the past, China has been sponsoring students to come to the US specifically for theft of high level research at our most elite institutions; cheered on of course by Globalists, because, American exceptionalism should be applied to everyone. National security and interests be damned.

The LA Times is reporting that China intends to “take the gloves off”. In an interview with the FBI’s San Francisco office, the paper reports:

“They want technology by hook or by crook. They want it now. The spy game has always been a gentleman’s game, but China has taken the gloves off,” said John Bennett, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s San Francisco office, which battles economic spies targeting Silicon Valley. “They don’t care if they get caught or if people go to jail. As long as it justifies their ends, they are not going to stop.”

It’s a safe bet that they’ve infiltrated every level of our government and corporate structures- even embedding a Chinese spy as an ‘office director’ for California Senator Dianne Feinstein. Of course, it’s a Democrat, so nothing to see here. All is well. Joe McCarthy was exactly right.

Given their rapid increase in economic influence in the Caribbean and buildup in Venezuela, Mexico and Cuba, China is on course to remove America from the world’s stage by all means possible. They are fighting a war against us and it’s only begun. Coupled with the fact that their levels of influence in our academic institutions is directly grooming a communist vanguard, the next few years will be interesting.

Do you have training? What’s your plans for next year?

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