If you had any wonder what the real goals of the leftist infestation of Big Tech really is, you shouldn’t any longer. After the removal of Alex Jones’ Infowars from the most popular means of delivery including YouTube, Facebook and the iTunes streaming service and the suspension of Candace Owen for highlighting the dubious nature of the ‘acceptable speech’ algorithm on Twitter, three other high profile Libertarian accounts on Twitter have been suspended for seemingly pedantic reasons.

Scott Horton, director of antiwar.com, Peter Van Buren and Dan McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity have all been suspended from Twitter following an exchange with journalist Jonathan Katz. While the details of the exchange are vague, it can be assured that the comments were tame in comparison to the vitriol and outright threats espoused against conservatives, libertarians and anyone who doesn’t go along with the flow on a no-stop basis. And that is for those who haven’t been shadow banned.

The prelude to war always begins with shutting down your opponent’s ability to communicate. As we’ve found in recent years with the emergence of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, the rise of ISIS, uprisings in Ukraine, and the flashmob phenomena, social media has emerged as one of the most potent weapons in the fourth generation warfare battlefield. That said it makes sense Big Tech, which grew and consolidated while being subsidized by government funds, would move to silence the voice of dissent. Such platforms are then utilities and not private companies and should be subject to First Amendment protections. This does not change the reality of the situation; the veil is gone and the knives are out.

There must be a logical end to all of this. It will not stop with an election. If you’re thinking that all of these actions do not have an explicit end state, quit reading this and take up a new hobby. But if you recognize where this is headed and know your freedom doesn’t hinge on the results of this November, take take action for your future. Seek training, because there should be zero doubt the Left has plans on escalating this for a larger revolution.