According to RT, the US has pledged $9M to Venezuelan refugees located in Colombia. On the heels of the apparent assassination attempt via drone on Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro, the US’ ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has pledged an aid package to the refugees of its severely troubled domestic problems. What’s more significant is the mulling of “possible regime change” sponsored by the US. Such a statement appears to signal a ramping up in South American focus. Examining the record of regime change over the past two decades, this has the potential to backfire in ways very close to home.

Either way, an insurgency down south appears to be on the menu. Maduro’s regime suffered a loss of face not only from the bombing itself bu the very public appearance of his troops breaking ranks and running. The resulting crackdown is already sweeping along with the rhetoric ramping up against neighboring Colombia. With such explicit statements and actions on the part of both nations it seems that the escalation is all but assured. Since both the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China have close ties with Venezuela and many of the other nations of the region, the delicate nature of the situation cannot be underscored. Although not getting the attention in the conventional media that it deserves, this is one of the more serious foreign policy challenges with the potential to broaden into a wide conflict. AP stands in solidarity with those opposed to government oppression and in particular, leftist tyranny.

I’d be doubling down on my training schedule and covering as many capabilities as possible. I know I am.

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