There’s been an apparent assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Maduro, according to multiple news agencies. During a speech on Saturday’s military parade, an explosion rocked the crowd and sent many running in Caracas, the nation’s capitol. Maduro, unharmed, would appear later on national TV to blame the incident on right wing opponents to the socialist party’s continued rule, Colombia, and backers of dissident groups located in the US. Questions immediately arose as to whether this was an attack by the underground dissident group “Flannel Soldiers” or simply an accident from a photography drone flying too close to fuel tanks located in the area.

Oscar Perez, one of the leaders of the militant resistance to Maduro’s socialist regime, before being tracked down and killed in January of 2018.

In the report linking the Flannel Soldiers Group to the attack, the claim was that they placed C4 on drones and flew them in the attempt. Without seeing actual footage of the blast, its impossible to determine but from the recorded sound, the charge itself was small, if it was indeed C4. A detonation did occur, but the specifics of which we do not and probably will not know. Maduro is not letting a good crisis go to waste, rapidly placing blame and reaching out to allies in the region and Russia. Out of context comments from President Donald Trump regarding possible military action in Venezuela supporting regime change is likely also not helping the atmosphere. In any case, Maduro is now changing the narrative to appear a victim along with his supporters, justifying any possible retaliatory actions.

Most Likely Course Of Action (MLCOA): Expect a stiff crackdown on the armed forces of Venezuela; the Flannel Soldiers Group are comprised of active duty and deserters of the Venezuelan Army launching an underground campaign against the Socialist Party ruling the nation. Their supporters and supply line within the ranks is getting purged as we speak. Expect tighter solidarity with the allied socialist regimes in the region, particularly Bolivia and Cuba. Third, pay close attention to the rhetoric against Colombia, including repeated labels of being a ‘US puppet state’ and loaded terms supporting the recently disarmed FARC.

Most Dangerous Course Of Action (MDCOA): Venezuela will make moves to rearm the FARC or stand up a new guerrilla movement in neighboring Colombia. After all, those AKs they’re building have to go somewhere. When you have a surplus population of scared, hungry and angry people fueled by rhetoric blaming the problems on outside meddling, its easy to get them motivated. Think the Wiemar Republic.

Art imitating life?

As if this wasn’t enough all by itself, it comes on the heels of several conversations I’ve had over the weekend regarding the underlying tone of that story on the Venezuelan Kalashnikov factory. Cranking out 50K AK-103s per year is a large number for a small nation; there’s a reason for it. This incident is another piece to a larger picture.

For you, you should be seeking training in as many areas as possible, from as many different instructors as possible. The respite of the past two years is nothing more than that, and an election turnout is nearly irrelevant to an unhinged Fifth Column in the US who’re increasingly showing their veracity for violence. And we know from their own writing that they seek outside armies to crush that last bastion against communist global rule after they force a domestic crisis. We are not living in ‘normal’ times. Regardless of how November turns out, they will not stop- so why should you?

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