Opponents to the Socialist Maduro regime are being arrested at a record high for the failing nation, according to Breitbart News. Likely a respose to August’s “assassination attempt” on a military parade in which Maduro was attending, the crackdown has arrested

…197 members of the military are facing charges on crimes such as incitement to rebellion, treason to the fatherland, and breach of military etiquette, charges meant to target any dissent within the ranks of dictator Nicolás Maduro’s military. The number now surpasses that arrested former Venezuelan dictators Hugo Chávez and Marcos Pérez Jiménez.

The regime is exhibiting an increased level of paranoia especially concerning foreign US intervention, with statements made by President Trump and actions by then-Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley making these fears not completely unfounded.

Last month, leading regime official Diosdado Cabello claimed that the country’s armed forces would remain loyal to them should the U.S. or any other country try to topple the regime and were now “fully prepared” to go into combat.

With the region already politically unstable, Venezuela remains firmly aligned with the interests of both Russia and China as their build up of regional hegemony continues. With the Kalashnikov Concern arms factory in Caracas due to be at full capacity next year, the plan to arm the region is coming together contrary to the national interests of the US.

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