Ambassador Haley Protests Venezuela Outside UN

Ambassador Haley Protests Venezuela Outside UN

While most of the nation was entranced by the Kavanagh socialist-created circus, another small street protest was happening outside the UN. US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, joined a group of dissidents protesting outside the building calling for Venezuelan President and dedicated Leftist, Nicolas Maduro, to be removed from power. Sympathizing with the disaffected and victims of the socialist regime, Haley could be heard making such statements as:

“We are going to fight for Venezuela and we are going to continue doing it until Maduro is gone!”

“We need your voices to be loud and I will tell you, the US voice is going to be loud,”

Those words sound like a promise. Haley has been quietly active in the South American region, lending US support to the citizens of Venezuela hurt most by the hideous mismanagement of the economy and the nation’s resources by Communist and self-labeled “Bolivar’s reincarnation” Hugo Chavez and his successor, Nicolas Maduro. Haley went on:

“What we saw is what no one should live … while Maduro is eating in nice restaurants.”

Imagine that. A commissar feasting well off the backs of his people. Its a trait that has stood the test of time among communist leaders; an amoral king with the sword of Damocles removed. A trait that seems to translate well to even humble grassroots socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who’s $3,500 suit is reflective of the principles from Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Haley’s move could very well be a telegraphing of intent. As reports, the Trump administration may be eyeing a coup in Venezuela. As I’ve alluded to on this site earlier with aid being sent to Venezuelan refugees in Colombia, its highly likely that weapons and training are flowing to potential allies in the area and within the nation. The danger with this is that not only is Venezuela a staunch ally of Cuba and Russia, but under the protectorate of China through several trade deals. What happens if the “soldiers in flannel shirts” movement fails? Russia’s AK Concern is building 50,000 AKs per year there.

Severe troubles abroad, severe troubles at home. Got training?

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NC Scout

NC Scout is the nome de guerre of a former Infantry Scout and Sergeant in one of the Army’s best Reconnaissance Units. He has combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He teaches a series of courses focusing on small unit skills rarely if ever taught anywhere else in the prepping and survival field, including his RTO Course which focuses on small unit communications. In his free time he is an avid hunter, bushcrafter, writer, long range shooter, prepper, amateur radio operator and Libertarian activist. He can be contacted at [email protected] or via his blog at .

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  1. Quietus

    Used to be that the DoD based their planning and their money requests, on how many major and minor wars that were capable of being fought at the same time. I wonder how getting ensnared in South America while trying (hopefully) to disengage from two minor wars might play out. As you say, Venezuela has friends with big guns who can bring them to the fight.

    Why anyway? The days of good and saleable Banana Wars are over. Is there any reason to involve the Empire in a war down there, while there is an ongoing coup attempt here? If neocons want to stop commies in South America, maybe they might stop and wonder why they want to spend treasure and the lives of patriots abroad, when they won’t take time off of their three-martini lunches to stop commies here?

    Good people are getting played, when overseas war talk happens. War is a racket, as General Butler said.


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