The anti-Leftist uprising in Nicaragua continues as opponents of the socialist Daniel Ortega’s government have experienced a widespread crackdown in the past couple weeks. Having evidence of strong demonstration repression by many means including torture of pro-Liberty activists, the Ortega government now faces an erosion of support even by fellow Leftist governments including Cuba. Commenting on the use of torture, the UK Telegraph notes:

…Mr Navarrete, 30, was seemingly paying for his attendance at mass marches that swept the country earlier this year.

After his thrashing he was bundled into a white pick-up truck and swiftly delivered to the police. Over the next few days, he was tortured in El Chipote prison, a now infamous jail for protesters and dissenters locked up in arbitrary detention during the six-month civil movement that threatened – but ultimatum failed – to bring down Nicaragua’s government.

Torture is being used not solely as an instrument of punishment, but as a means of dissuading others from protesting,” says Carolina Jimenez, Americas deputy director for research at the rights charity. “It is one element in a strategy of lethal repression intended to terrorise the population.”

Amnesty researchers documented 12 further examples of torture, involving rape and electrocution, as well as five extrajudicial killings. Earlier this year the UN documented more grueling examples of torture, including prisoners being raped with rifles.

Over 300 have been killed in the melee since the protests began last April, attracting regional attention despite a large cover-up in domestic American news; quietly cheerleading the Sandinista communists led by Daniel Ortega in the 1980s while using the arming of Nicaraguan Right-wing rebels, known as the Contras, in the so-called Iran-Contra scandal. The government of Ortega however demonstrates yet again, along with fellow despot Maduro in Venezuela, what Left wing governments do once attaining positions of power. Corruption and abuse is the norm, along with changing any and all laws to suit the ends- keeping everything, according to them, legal. Even Cuba has denounced the violence according to the Havana Times.

The situation has deteriorated to the point that Amnesty International has taken notice leading the Organization of American States (OAS) to demand human rights investigators entry into the nation. Al Jazeera reports:

The Organization of American States (OAS) has denounced a “criminal cocktail” of human rights abuses allegedly perpetrated by Nicaraguan authorities during months of anti-government protests and called for its human rights body to be allowed to investigate.

It appears at this time that like the deteriorating situation in Venezuela, the propensity for a wider regional conflict will only escalate. While we do not yet have all of the details as the situation is fluid, it is apparent that a strong reaction to Leftist aggression is occurring on the ground not only in those two nations but in Brazil, Colombia and here at home. With an approaching domestic mid-term election, there may be approval for further support of anti-communist elements in the region which will agitate the long-term strategy of the Chinese. The situation is highly volatile and with an ever emboldened Left, we face many challenges at home and abroad in the defense of freedom. The renewed Contras face an uphill battle against real oppression as do the Soldiers in Flannel Shirts in Venezuela and the various armed groups committed to the defense of Liberty here in the US.

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