What happens when you don’t pay your debts? The lien holder takes your stuff.

And in the new era of Chinese Colonialism, they’re planning on taking several high value assets in Kenya, namely the nation’s largest port of Mombasa. As the economic power, which has invested heavily in cash-strapped African nations and backed communist despots such as Robert Mugabe and Jacob Zuma, seeks to build its international influence it appears to be building a permanent foothold and more visible presence.

According to the Taiwan News, Red China has made plans to seize control of several Kenyan assets, noting:

Other assets related to the inland shipment of goods from the port, including the Inland Container Depot in Nairobi, and the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), may also be compromised in the event of a Chinese port takeover.

Kenya has reportedly taken extremely large loans from the Communist government for the development of some major highways, and especially for the SGR, which forms a crucial transport link to and from Nairobi for the import and export of goods through Mombasa.

But Kenya is not alone. Neighboring Zambia, another shining example of success, will be losing both its national power grid and international airport to Red China. Good job. Africa Times sums it up well:

The Zambian government contracted the Chinese, lazy-thought and glossed over details thinking they were granting consent to gernuine terms but the whole thing just morphed into modern day colonialism.

That moreover is not the only thing Zambian suffered from China; the Chinese own 60% shares of the Zambian National Broadcasting corporation which means, Chinese have an influence over what should or should not be premiered on their sets.

How much influence does China have in American media? Quite a bit. Not to mention the media in every nation throughout central America and broadcasting propaganda on our own border. And the cancer of Chinese control continue to infest other nations as well, such as Ghana:

Ghana is equally towing same lane as our leaders have started signing contracts already; Chinese owned company, STARTIME is gradually gaining grounds over our major institutions, our biggest mining companies will soon be “taken” over by a Chinese company and many others.

Now if this is not modern day slavery, what then is it? The 21st century African slave is never in chain; we are in debt caused by the ignorance or selfish interests of our leaders. Pathetic!

That last portion sums it up well. King Leopold would be quite proud. China is achieving a level of colonialism and exploitation at a speed unimaginable in the 19th Century. Communism and the so-called liberation of the Left is nothing more than slavery with a different face. The communists put those puppet leaders in place knowing they were useless to fleece the people of those nations. And where are the Liberals? Where are the “we are the world” dog and pony show lunatics? They’re too busy chanting Orange Man Bad! because their communist overseers in academia will it, that’s why.

Soon they’ll control South Africa too, after they route any and all opposition which the ruling ANC is making sure of. Meanwhile the people suffer unimaginable atrocities on a daily basis, endangered animals will continue to be poached (to be sold in Chinese markets as herbal cures), and Red China continues to grow, unabated.

AL Gore pictured with PRC party officials posing as Buddhist monks. They provided financing to the Clinton campaign in 1992, 1996, and 2016.

Make no mistake, they’re firmly in control of the Democratic Socialist Party as well and they want those borders open to filter in their communist insurgents trained in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Venezuela. Their designs are, and have been all along, on destabilizing the United States. Our freedoms stand in the way of their vision of a one world government and they intend on destroying them. They want a weak America. And they want you gone.

For America, the state of Africa may be a short glimpse into the future. As they seek to expand their control of the vast mineral wealth and oil futures offered in the region, our beacon of freedom will be diminishing. And half of our nation has been just fine with it for quite some time now. We are the largest debtor to Red China and the interest alone on that debt will soon exceed our entire defense budget.

What happens when you don’t pay your debts? The lien holder takes your stuff.


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