Venezuela is well on its way to civil war- and the sides are galvanizing. With the widespread anti-Socialist protests in Caracas becoming a show of force for Maduro’s police state, the resolve of those fed up with the failures of the Maduro regime will become left with few other options. The US has stated public support behind the leader of the opposition, Juan Guaido, and as a result the socialist regime has declared all US diplomatic personnel PNG- personas non gratas. Diplomats are only expelled once all other options are broken down…which usually leads to military action. As Reuters is reporting:

Speaking to supporters outside the Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas, socialist leader Maduro said he would give U.S. diplomatic personnel 72 hours to leave Venezuela, which is suffering from a hyperinflationary economic collapse.

The protests in Caracas are heating up as of this writing. The first day of organized civil disobedience on part of the opposition is being held today, with clashes potentially turning violent. Reuters is reporting that police forces are firing tear gas at the protestors. It is unclear however what the effect has been, and if the protests will extend into nightfall. I predict they likely will, and will only become more widespread as the larger revolt against failures of socialism continue. Several of the nations of the region, most notably Colombia and the newly elected Balsonaro presidency in Brazil, are backing the transfer of power from Maduro to Guaido. The struggle represents a much larger power struggle however- both Russia and China have deep interests in Venezuela and it supports a much broader long term strategy for the region both economically and militarily. China has made major inroads in the Carribean and Central American regions and is looking to exploit the mineral and oil wealth. Russia has deepened military ties with Venezuela and CubaThere’s strong evidence Venezuelan intelligence is at least in some part organizing these “caravans” of so-called migrants. And their Kalashnikov factory, turning out 50,000 AK-103s in 7.62×39, is now at full capacity.

Those weapons are going somewhere. The threat is very real and it’s about to be on our doorstep. Buckle up folks.



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