As the results of socialism continue to be devastating to the people of Venezula, its national assembly is looking to take back control of the hideously mismanaged nation from the abusive regime currently in power. Venezuela’s political opposition party, Popular Will led by Juan Guaido, has invoked the Venezuelan Constitution’s Article 233 in order to declare President Nicolas Maduro’s current term as illegitimate. This is a big development in the ongoing struggle against communist tyranny backed by Russia and China in the oil rich nation.

The sides appear to be emerging. Speaking on the act, Vice President Mike Pence was quick to explicitly state support.

The administration took a significant step toward making the declaration Tuesday when Vice President Mike Pence called assembly leader Juan Guaidó and praised his “courageous leadership.”

Pence told Guaidó that the United States sees the National Assembly “as the only legitimate democratic body in the country.”

“Vice President Pence encouraged Mr. Guaido to build unity among political groups, and pledged continued support from the United States until democracy is restored,” according to readout of the call from the vice president’s office.

Commentators see the move as a step in the positive direction for the nation, creating a solution for the last several years of destruction the leftist junta has waged upon the nation. No doubt will the US be willing to back this move at least trying for a peaceful resolution on its face. I am doubtful however that Maduro will abdicate willingly. He is, after all, backed staunchly by Russia overtly and China less so. Their larger scheme of maneuver in the region does not suggest that an uprising against Maduro will be allowed anytime soon. Venezuela is critical territory for the long game in South America and a political chess piece in Putin’s plan against NATO and the US. But the opposition remains committed to at least trying, having a large scale demonstration planned for January 23.
If these protests turn bloody, and history of the Maduro regime indicates as much, then I expect it to turn into full blown Civil War. Guaido is a young, 35 year old engineer fighting for the freedom of his people against a tyrant that has exerted as few morals as it has constraint in dealing with political opposition. Should it come to that expect outside support once the powers align. From the angles currently emerging, it could possibly parallel a Spanish Civil War scenario with the roles reversed- one that was a test bed among the powers in the next World War. Time will tell, but a civil war so close to our shores is never a good thing. One thing is for sure however, a Venezuela free of socialism is good for their nation, the US, and the world.
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