Armed human smugglers with what appears to be AK-type weapons have been spotted near Lukeville, AZ according to Fox News. Eric Holder could not be reached for comment.

There should be no doubt at this point that the border is completely lawless, with a Border Patrol overwhelmed and far removed politicians more concerned with pushing their socialist vision on one side or displaying moral cowardice on the other. Open borders is a Marxist idea to undermine a nation’s identity. Anyone who supports it is a supporter of Communism, no matter what they claim to the contrary. Communists are organizing the movement while their allies in the government are emboldening them. And meanwhile we have an FBI that cares more about going after citizens actually doing something versus laying down and taking it. Given that even the Mexican Army defies our national boundary, it is only a matter of time before this becomes incredibly, and uncontrollably, violent.

Trump was elected to fix this yet the obstruction in that goal continues. 2020 is the last stop, American. International Communism is at the door. Top down, bottom up, inside out.

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