A nation requires three things to survive: language, culture, and borders. We are at a do-or-die moment on ours. Its a very real fight down there on many sides and directly due to communist activities in Central America we are experiencing an invasion designed to overwhelm the system. And they’re succeeding. That aside, the epidemic levels of fentanyl coming in is being made in pharmaceutical labs owned by China and smuggled by the cartels. You either grab the bull by the horns or it’ll grab you. – NC Scout

The situation on the U.S./Mexican Border has now gotten to a critical mass juncture.

We have passed the point of petty partisan politics, catchy campaign slogans or useless discourses on the pro’s and con’s of illegal immigration on the American economy.

We now have at the U.S./Mexico border ARMED individuals escorting human cargo (ie, illegal aliens) across the border. Or to put it another way, a deliberate armed incursion by foreign nationals into the United States of America to commit a crime (importation of illegal aliens).

Where is the National Alarm? Where is the outrage? Hell, Where is just the general concern?

(Insert Crickets Chirping loudly HERE)

I am going to make two quick points about this matter and then I have a very long seven hour drive to make to the border to join other like-minded and motivated individuals who are ready to DEFEND their STATE and COUNTRY against foreign invaders and Assist the CBP in legally apprehending any and all illegal aliens which cross over to American soil.

The first point is this. The majority of Americans are APATHETIC and LAZY when it comes to the SECURITY of this country.

Regardless of political belief: Left, Right, Middle or Upside Down, Americans have always had strong opinions on the issue of illegal immigration. But when it comes to ACTION, as in actually PHYSICALLY DOING SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE TO HELP SOLVE THE PROBLEM like the good people at Arizona Border Recon or the Texas Oath Keepers are doing, most people are going to be NO SHOWS.

They would much rather take the path of least resistance and be a keyboard warrior on Twitter and FB.

Most people also forget that for us Texans and other Southern Border State citizens, the term ‘Border War’ is not some catchy click bait title, but a very REAL and bloody memory. It wasn’t but just under a hundred years ago that ARMED mexican insurgents known as ‘seditionistas’ crossed the Rio Grande into Texas in a series of treacherous raids which murdered scores of American civilians, Law Enforcement and Military personnel.

The Second point is the majority of American’s refuse to see the big picture regarding the NEFARIOUS AGENDA of the left and illegal immigration as it pertains to the DESTRUCTION of America. This includes Fourth Generation Warfare tactics such as lawfare, propaganda and inciting civil unrest.

These leftist ‘useful idiots’ have all drank the kool-aid spiked by Soros and his marxist/globalist cronies in Government that claim ‘open borders’ in America is for the “good of humanity” and anybody who does not want to let these “poor, retched souls” into America are just heartless draconian fascist thugs.

Never mind the majority of these “poor, retched illegal aliens ” are mainly adult-age males from Central America with violent gang affiliations and criminal records longer than your arm for offenses such as pedophilia, rape and murder. In a large majority of the cases made public, these illegals have been deported up to five times!

Ask yourself a simple, logical question: How many times have you seen the drastic repercussions of releasing these convicted felons who have been deported multiple times back into American society?

And as if all of that was not enough, we now have communist agitators within our own Government actually debating what really makes an “American Citizen?”

See where all this is going?

I am not one to use terms like ‘New World Order’ (NWO) lightly but this is exactly the direction all of this is headed: No Borders, No States, No Nationalities, just “Citizens of the World” with the United Nations as their Golden Calf.

The two best examples I could use to qualify this are the CURRENT state of Europe and the U.K in regards to illegal mass migration of immigrants. “Population Replacement” is not some far right Conspiracy theory catch phrase, but an actual POLICY that the United Nations rolled out in 2001 called Replacement Migration: Is it a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?”

The second qualifier is History itself, which is replete with examples of where “open borders” heavily contributed to the downfall of empires and nation-states. The most obvious example being the Roman Empire, where “Multi-Culturalism” and “Cultural Inclusiveness” helped to gradually wipe the behemoth of Rome from the map.

So all of this begs the Question: Are YOU, the martial citizen, prepared to Fight for and Defend what you hold dear? Are you prepared to defend your TRIBE, STATE and COUNTRY like so many men and women before you have? If the answer is yes, then your attention needs to shift to the Southern Border of the United States and the slow and gradual erosion of the American Republic.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

TX2Guns is the author of The Tactical Hermit. He is a father, gunsmith, Christian, and unapologetically American. 

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