Russia has deployed a guided missile task force to Cuba in a move to bolster support for its interests in the Caribbean and northern South America, according to multiple outlets and the Washington Free Beacon. Positioned in Havana Harbor, the task force’s role is a show of force against American interests. It is also a clear signal that they maintain a hostile stance rather than one of humanitarian aid for the people of a nation devastated by the incompetence of socialism.

The task force is led by the missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov, one of Russia’s newest generation warships designed for forward air defense and guided missile support. Heavily armed, the vessel maintains 16 Kaliber missiles, which can be armed with a variety of warheads including nuclear. The missiles maintain a range of 2500-5500km, putting nearly every strategic target within the continental US in range. The task force includes all of the supporting craft necessary for a long term deployment while being supported by the local Cuban and Venezuelan infrastructure, considering the vessel can only sustain its crew for 30 days without resupply.

That said, it’s my assessment that this vessel is little threat to the US in the strategic missile role- where its positioned, it would be easily sunk where it sits. Russia defers the strategic deterrence role to its Blackjack bombers its positioned in the area. It does however mitigate the US’ most dominant asset- air power. The Admiral Gorshukov carries an electronic warfare package that, while not necessarily open source, can be reasonably assumed to have targeting and exploitation capabilities of American equipment including the Aegis system. This would attempt to negate the air power provided to any potential rebel forces in the region, as was the case in every American engagement since 1991.

If anyone has any listening equipment in southern Florida, it would be interesting to find any new signals or radio patterns- you’ll probably be able to intercept them.

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