A quick Google search defines a nation as “a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.” Oxford defines a nation as “a country considered as a group of people with the same language, culture and history, who live in a particular area under one government.” I tend to ignore many of Webster’s inputs due to the fact that they’ve been infiltrated by the politically correct Commissariat. Unsurprisingly, Webster’s definition focuses almost wholly on the role of government. You’re a “nation” because your government tells you so, according to the new age version of Webster.

Looking at these definitions, the relevant ones at least, you see a common theme related to culture, language and history. These aspects also lend themselves heavily to common descent (race and ethnicity), religious philosophy, a general socially accepted moral code, values, ethics and traditions. After all of that, we can focus lastly on matters of actual borders and whether our government systems serve us all equally, or rather, whether our government rules over us all in roughly the same manner and to roughly the same benefit or detriment.

In the United States do we, as a nation, have a culture anymore? A culture is defined as “the customs, arts, social institutions and achievements of a particular nation, people or other social group.” I tend to focus on customs and achievements specifically, since the arts have always been a point of variance in America and social institutions have been co-opted and used to attack and punish certain groups, while lifting other groups with advantages doled out based on how “oppressed” and “marginalized” these groups “feel”. As Americans, or as people living inside the geographic region that’s called “America”, is there any easily identifiable set of customs? I believe that we may be simply too watered down as the “melting pot” of the world to have any such set of norms. The problem here is that as the years have moved by, there is less and less encouragement for assimilation. In past eras, people have tended to abandon their old cultural norms that were anathema to being an “American”, while keeping the ones that fall in line with that national psyche. That is no longer the case, and so we observe ever increasing levels of social strife and friction between groups of people who follow cultural norms that simply can not coexist. These groups, thanks to some of those before-mentioned social institutions, have no way to peaceably and voluntarily separate, rather they are forced together, and this is when the anger begins to rise. As far as the arts are concerned, try to count how many classically white, western characters in books and movies are now being replaced with foreigners or non-whites. The new 007 is a black woman. Yeah, that’s the arts.

In the United States do we, as a nation, have a common language anymore? Although the US government conducts all business in English, and thirty-one of the fifty states have made English the official language of their respective states, the US government, strangely, has never deemed English the official language. There are some areas of the US where conducting routine business can be extremely difficult, or maybe even impossible, if you speak English only. Travel to Miami, Florida and see how well you get by without resorting to using Spanish. In Florida, you can’t even go to college unless you have already taken foreign language classes in high school, or have enrolled in foreign language classes for college. Parts of Southern Texas have become like Miami. Parts of Minneapolis are swelling with Somali immigrants who speak mainly Somali and/or Arabic. Patterson, New Jersey has become (in)famous for it’s large Palestinian Arab population. There are many more examples. Currently, English is certainly the most widely spoken language in the US, but the Migration Policy Institute stated in 2018 that 22% of the US population does not speak English at home.

In the United States do we, as a nation, have a shared history? Certainly the US itself has a history, but as academia becomes less focused on truths and more focused on revising it in a more politically correct light, the history books are becoming a manifesto of Communist propaganda, socialist ideas and anti-Western falsehoods. Christopher Columbus has been labeled a pedophile and a murderer, Lewis and Clark are a footnote to Sacajawea, Thomas Jefferson is more talked about for owning slaves than penning the Declaration of Independence and all anyone learns about Robert E. Lee anymore in that he was the “bad guy” in the Civil War. Our children are taught that Franklin Roosevelt was a hero, while the greatness of Calvin Coolidge is nearly erased from memory. Monuments are being torn down, murals are being painted over, books are being censored or entirely rewritten.

In the United States do we, as a nation, have a common descent? This is simply answered. Once upon a time most Americans could point to a certain generation in their family that had come here from somewhere else. My own family on my mother’s side can be traced back to England and Germany, my father’s side can be traced back to Ireland and France. But both sides of my family have branches that have been in the United States since the early 1700’s. My story is not unique or even rare. But today, hordes of migrants illegally (does it even matter?) flood across what we refer to as our Southern Border. They come from Mexico, Central America and South America mostly, but there are also thousands arriving from Africa and the Middle East. These people largely are not here to become Americans and they largely care nothing for our history or culture. Many of them are unaccompanied military aged males and I believe they are here for nefarious reasons. There is no common descent among us and these millions of new arrivals.

In the United States do we, as a nation, share a generally compatible religious affiliation? Regardless of whatever social strife this tends to cause, simply viewing the doctrinal texts of the various religions that are in the US, especially those of Protestant Christianity and Islam, will show that these religious ideologies are incompatible at their most basic levels. Islam is likewise totally incompatible with Catholicism. Is Judaism even compatible with Christianity or Islam? For now, generally speaking, the main religious friction seems to occur between Muslims and non-Muslims, but even that is still rare. As the numbers of Islamic adherents in the US grows, expect this to change.

In the United States do we, as a nation, have a shared moral code? The Founders stated that in order to maintain a Constitutional Republic form of government, a People of high moral standing was required. As our media, academia, entertainment and retail industries have become more “progressive”, I believe we have observed a steep decline in the moral fiber of this nation. At least 40% of our population condones (and fights hard for) the murder of unborn babies. There are school systems in California that have begun teaching that pedophilia is a legitimate sexual orientation. Every state in the US has an overburdened Department of Children and Families trying to find homes for unwanted children. Opiate addiction is a crisis. Wars are fought in perpetuity. 45% of the country adores and reveres a man who is well known for his sleazy behavior and lying, while another 45% adores and reveres his (defeated) opponent, a woman well known for her own illegal behavior and being an even more egregious liar herself. The other 10%? Well, who knows?

Does the United States of America even have a border to speak of? If a border is nothing more than an imaginary line drawn on a map with little effective real world physical barriers, is it a border at all? If there is no ability or willingness to defend the border from foreign invasion, even if the invasion is not from a uniformed military, then what good is a border at all? If there areas near the border become lawless due to constant back and forth crossing, then what good is it to exist at all?

Does the United States have a government that functions to our benefit? Or does it function to our detriment? Or to the benefit of some and the detriment of others? One only needs to read the paragraphs above to arrive at an accurate assumption, with little to no additional input. I mentioned earlier that our Founders, now labeled as nothing more than slave owning bigots by our revisionist history books, had said an effective, benevolent and just government required a people of high moral standing, intelligence and commonality. Do you believe that if what I’ve described above is true, that the people living in this land are capable of producing and maintaining a government that functions to the benefit of all, or even to a majority of it’s citizenry?


In this writer’s opinion, by the most commonly held definitions I can find, this land of ours, this place, can not be accurately referred to as a nation at all. What it can be called, I simply am not sure anymore. But I believe we will find out sooner rather than later.

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