CZ’s Scorpion Evo is one of the most interesting weapons on the market today. A compact, lightweight 9mm in the vein of a modernized MP5, its a very effective weapon for home defense. Reliable, robust and simple, its a light and handy weapon anyone can pick up and intuitively use, making it a perfect option for nearly anyone.

As good as the weapon is, it wasn’t without a few teething issues- exactly two that I can think of- the first was that early models had 18×1 muzzle threading which has since been changed to the American standard 1/2×28, and second, perhaps more important, the magazines were all polymer and had some instances of cracking the feed lips.

PSA’s magazine, even after being buried in sand while fully loaded, performs flawlessly.

I never experienced any of these issues throughout running the weapon hard, doing drills with magazine changes on with and without retention, and on a closed and open bolt in both the hot summer and cold winter. Since this is my primary home defense weapon these days I regularly train with it. And with that said I purchased a large number of the first generation 30 round magazines for it when they first hit the market, never having a problem. Some did run into issues though, and CZ listened, making a second generation magazine with steel lining similar to Glock and mil-spec polymer AK mags.

The feed lips are steel lined and the follower has zero play.

Other companies paid attention too, and since the Scorpion is becoming as popular as it is the market is growing. Palmetto State Armory is now making a 35 round magazine that’s steel lined and after working with it, I think its an excellent option. Designing it for their AK-V 9mm Kalashnikov, the 35 round magazine mimics the look of the original Russian Vityaz while being compatible with a competing platform. While there’s been come grumbling about why it couldn’t use Glock magazines, I think using CZ’s pattern was a better move and has broadened the market for both weapons.

Let’s get sandy- if its going to bind up, river sand will definitely make it happen.

I received one to test and evaluate and took it down to the Brushbeater proving grounds, burying it in wet sand and running a couple hundred rounds of steel case just to test the reliability. Designing their magazine for maximum durability, the feed lips are steel lined, the springs are very strong, and there’s zero play in the follower. Being brand new, it was a bit stiff to get all 35 rounds in the magazine, but they all went in after rubbing a little M-A-N on it. Burying it in the sand and shaking the magazine to make sure it worked its way down in there, its time to lock and load.

The Scorpion’s reliability is just as boring as a Glock or a Kalashnikov- no malfunctions to report. All 35 rounds fired doing reflexive fire drills- reload, dump, reload, dump- the magazine works, period.

At $15 this thing is a steal and well worth picking up a combat load. If the Scorpion has a place in your personal armory then you owe it to yourself to have a few. I have no reservations about running it as a primary magazine and its one of the few cases where I think its an improvement on the OEM design.



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