So I finally got a chance to get out and get some 100 yard groups done with my poor mans “sniper rifle”. It really likes both the 75gr and 68gr Hornady Frontier Match, but has an ever so slight preference for the 68gr, so that’s what I’ve been sticking with. Accuracy has continued to slowly improve with the gun as I get more rounds through it. It will make consistently tight groups at 100 yrds, as long as I do my part, as can be seen via the 5 shot group in the following pic. For reference, the aiming circle is 1″.

5 shots of Hornady 68gr Frontier Match at 100 yards.

For reference and context, the heat index in the shade was 109 when this was shot. I was in the open sun with zero cover and zero clouds, so the felt temp was closer to 119. There was lots of sweat running in my eyes, which made trying to be precise and accurate……to say the least. That said, as long as I did my part, the gun and ammo did its. So far, I am very pleased with the results, especially for a $750ish gun/scope combo. I think it’s a good example of not having to break the bank to get USABLE accuracy out of a precision rig.

Dumping 15 rounds into the head and 8″ hostage flipper of my 2 steel targets, was quite easy at 100 yards as can be seen below (of course, it decides to cloud up as I’m finishing up….murphy and his laws strike again). Next trip, I’ll move back to 200 yards and see how it does there. More to come as I have time to get it done. In case anyone is interested, here is what all I used.

Palmetto State Armory 18″ stainless build kit

Palmetto State Armory stripped lower

Primary Arms 4-14x R-Grid 2B scope

Aero Precision scope mount



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