Currently I’m guest-hosting the 4th hour of the Alex Jones Show every Thursday. Yesterday my appearance covered a number of current topics of interest.

My appearances are uploaded to Youtube by “Baked Blunts,” which is a great channel for alternative news.

My appearances are also uploaded to BitChute by the Ron Gibson channel, which mirrors Infowars shows. Here is the link to the full show on Bitchute: 


Here is the show uploaded in segments to YouTube by Baked Blunts:

Espstein And Fake News Fredo

The importance of Google’s rogue engineer Zach Vorhies 

Epstein’s “suicide” and possible blackmail videos deadman switch. The FBI’s belated visit to Lolita Island.

Fredo Cuomo’s freakout, and why you should never show weakness or fear.

China Hong Kong And The Global Economic Crisis 9:41

If Chinese PLA troops are on the border, Chinese specops troops are already all over Hong Kong.

How a global war or economic wipeout will become a welcome reset for global elites, but may mean a total wipeout for the rest of us. 


Left Stoking Hatred Will Lead To The Second Civil War / 21 minutes

In this segment I do a deep-dive into the films of Jason Blum, producer of The Hunt and the Purge series.

I based this video expose on my American Partisan article from August 12 titled The Left’s Anti-American Murder Pornographer

The Left’s America-Hating Murder Pornographer


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