The M16 Is A Good Rifle, Says A Veteran Of 82 [Vietnam] Patrols

In particular, I was impressed by his recommendation for putting a 2/7 variable power optic on the M-16's carry handle for NCOs and company grade officers, sort of a harbinger of the modern Designated Marksman Rifle. He also suggests adapting 2 issue G.I rifle slings to create a modern over-the-neck "ready carry" combat sling. I was so impressed by this article that I scanned it and formatted it for easy sharing. Please feel free to comment here, or to reformat and repost it anyplace that shooters like to talk about war guns, past and present. The more credit that Capt. Smith gets, the better.

SOCOM Fields Killer Robots “For Immediate Force Protection”

The weight of the LRWS is only 70 pounds versus CROWS of 350. This makes it small enough to be mounted on a Foster-Miller TALON ground robot. The new system includes various sensors such as a camera, thermal imaging, and laser range finder. The LRWS supports a machinegun or a sniper rifle. The document further said the LRWS is a "man-in-the-loop" system is controlled by a human operator rather than artificial intelligence. 

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Review of “Resistance to Tyranny” by Joseph P. Martino

Resistance to Tyranny is an up-to-date study of insurgency methods, tactics and strategies. If you believe that at this juncture it is critical to be a student of civil conflict throughout history, you should give Joseph Martino’s outstanding contribution to the cause of freedom a place of honor on your patriot’s bookshelf.

2.75″ Precision Laser Guided Rockets

Any light plane or helicopter can be used to carry small pods holding seven or more 2.75" precision laser-guided rockets. These are not the unguided "area suppression" 2.75s from the old days; these little rockets are now able to even hit moving vehicles in built-up areas, with little or no collateral damage, making them the perfect choice for Team Tyranny during a possible CW2. And do it from long range.

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The Digital Gulag: Why Team Tyranny Won’t Need Door-Kickers to Enforce the Coming Gun Bans

There is currently a lot of attention being paid to new Democrat-proposed gun control laws, particularly House Bill 127, which would require national registration and licensing of all firearms, would ban broad categories of semi-automatic weapons, ban most ammunition magazines, and so on. One of the most frequent replies to these proposed laws is that there are not enough local or federal SWAT Team door-kickers to go house to house on gun confiscation raids, and if they tried, they would 1. soon run out of door-kickers and 2. instigate Civil War Two.


And in this cultural and social climate, with class envy and racial hatred being stoked by the government and its willing partners in the liberal media against white conservatives, our socialist-leaning administration now wants us to surrender our most useful and effective self-defense tools, in the name of “public safety”! 1. Registration. 2. Confiscation. 3. Extermination.

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America is entering a very terrible period in its history at an accelerating pace, now that the Left has taken control of all the critical reins of power in the government, the mainstream media, social media, and big tech. Unfortunately, history teaches with laser clarity that there are no guardrails restraining the behavior of the Left when it is so empowered.

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Patriotic Americans will not calmly accept becoming powerless serfs, "Amerizuelans," under an obviously fraudulent POTUS, in the form of the senile (and soon to be gone) Beijing Biden, and his VP (and soon to be POTUS), Kommie Harris. It has become glaringly obvious even to a blind man that these two grifting non-entities were illegitimately installed at the top of the American power pyramid by our bipartisan ruling-class nomenklatura to protect their beloved Swamp. Patriots will not accept this election theft, and the socialist tyranny that is sure to follow if it is left unchecked. There will be blood.

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