There is currently a lot of attention being paid to new Democrat-proposed gun control laws, particularly House Bill 127, which would require national registration and licensing of all firearms, would ban broad categories of semi-automatic weapons, ban most ammunition magazines, and so on. One of the most frequent replies to these proposed laws is that there are not enough local or federal SWAT Team door-kickers to go house to house on gun confiscation raids, and if they tried, they would 1. soon run out of door-kickers and 2. instigate Civil War Two.
But in the modern digital era, I believe that Team Tyranny won’t have to do much door-to-door gun confiscation. I think that a few show-piece gun confiscation raids using overwhelming force at 4AM (that are designed for network TV audiences) will be sufficient. Instead, they’ll just send citizens a notice by text, email and registered snail-mail that they already know what newly-illegal guns they possess. This list will be based on AI programs scraping and data-mining your social media history, credit card purchases, and all past FFL sales records, which surely will be collected as part of the new law.
All of this information will be knitted together much the way that the IRS does business. I borrowed this paradigm from “Old Curmudgeon” on a Free Republic thread:
“Have you noticed how the IRS manages to enforce the tax laws? Every taxable transaction is documented by multiple parties so that one party’s failure to report will be revealed by the another party’s paperwork. Then the person who violated the tax law is made an example of, a horrible example, causing reasonable people to be very afraid of the IRS. They will use a similar method to end gun ownership.”
And don’t think for a minute that they won’t get all the gun sales records, once they pass their “Emergency Measures To Prevent Domestic Terrorism Act.”
So how will they plan to separate you from your now-illegal guns? You’ll be notified that next Thursday at 9AM is your designated time to appear at a certain address, perhaps your local police station, or perhaps a big-box store parking lot, with said newly-illegal firearms and ammo magazines. Current Covid vaccine distribution gives them a model for this new system. Instead of going to get a Covid shot, you’ll be going to turn in the newly banned guns on the list.
Many people will refuse to do so. A week later, they will be totally disappeared from social media. Digitally disappeared. This makes it hard to complain about your treatment.
If you send an email about your situation to your local news station, they will automatically get a warning email just ahead of yours, or your email will be contained inside of a red flashing “warning box.” This is how the CCP keeps the comrades in line in Communist China. ChiCom programmers are already working with silicon valley to get Team Tyranny, both government and private sector, up to speed on these protocols.
You’ll get more official warnings to turn in the newly illegal guns that they know you have. Serial numbers won’t matter much, they’ll have your own prior social media “confessions,” along with those proud pictures you posted at the range, along with your credit card history, etc. You bought ten P-Mags, a chest rig, a “drop-in” trigger and a new buffer spring? They know you have an AR. And you can assume that the sales records of FFL dealers will all be collected under the new “emergency” gun control law.
You still won’t comply? You’re doxed at work. Your company “can’t take the risk” of employing you after they get secret back-channel warnings from the DHS. You and your wife the school teacher or nurse will be unemployed. How are you going to pay your mortgage? Your kids’ tuition bill? Your car payment? Again, as a DHS-suspected “domestic terror threat” you can’t get the local news to touch the story.
Next step: your ATM card is frozen. Then your credit cards. Then your bank drops you. Still a hard case? Your electricity arrives intermittently. Then it stops altogether. Then your water is cut off. The local news will still not touch your story, since they have been warned about the dangerous domestic terror threat from people like you.
Team Tyranny won’t need to conduct many door-to-door gun raids. They’ll just lock you inside a digital gulag in your own house.
And if you freak out in anger and rage and try to get revenge, who will you go after? Washington DC is now behind a razor-wire-topped wall guarded by thousands of troops, so forget that. Your local police chief? Your mayor? Who do you go after? If you do target them, then you are a domestic terrorist, and they’ll kill you, or at least arrest you and send you to a real prison. (The local gun-collection points might become a sporadic random target, but they will be very well guarded by SWAT counter-snipers etc.)
These are just some thoughts of mine about how the new gun bans might be rolled out and enforced. Do I know for a fact that this is how Team Tyranny will enforce an American gun ban? No. But it’s worth considering, at least more than just saying “they don’t have enough door kickers!”
They won’t need many door kickers. The Digital Gulag might be enough.
I spoke about this on Infowars last Thursday:
“The Digital Gulag is Practice for Extermination”
19,698 views / Feb 25, 2021
[My title was just “The Digital Gulag,” they added the rest.]