The Gates of Vienna blog has a piece detailing what went wrong in the local elections in Hungary. It appears that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz Party have lost a lot of ground in the recent round of local elections. This is significant because the opposition there is largely built from Communist and Socialist entities who’ve been pushing hard to fling the doors open on the Hungarian borders to allow massive hordes of North African and Middle Eastern refugees inside.

Hungary, along with Poland and a few Eastern European countries have been feeling the pressure from the globalists. Those few states have been holding back the tide of third world migrants, attempting to hold true to their more stable and generally homogenous societies, feeling no absolute moral obligation to cripple their own economies and destroy their own cultures just in the name of helping people who are not coming for the purpose of being helped.

The majority of refugees coming into European countries (or across the US Southern border) should not be allowed to have any sort of refugee status. According to international law (Yeah…) in order to claim asylum, a refugee must apply for the status in the first “safe country” they arrive in. They can not simply continue traveling (through the Middle East or South America) looking for their ideal target destination. A very large percentage of the refugees coming into Europe, nearly half, are military aged males according to Pew Research. Also, the majority of “unaccompanied minors” are teenage boys, most of them from Afghanistan. There are a lot of reports of males over the age of 20 claiming to be teenage children, and most do not have identification. As a former intelligence collector I have some professional experience in dealing with Afghan “identification”, and I recall that the Afghan government would hand out identification documents based on whoever you told them you were. That’s it. So 23 year old “Saib” is suddenly 16 year old “Ali” now, and “Ali” is permitted refugee status and welcomed into a home in Sweden, Belgium or Germany as a 16 year old.

Much of Europe is already at the breaking point. Britain’s prisons are already majority Muslim. Sweden is experiencing near daily grenade attacks. Molenbeek, Belgium is virtually one large no-go zone for white people and police. These are the kinds of situations Hungary, Poland and others are trying to avoid by closing their doors to the masses of foreign asylum-seekers, but the forces of Communism are slowly making progress in these places, the last bastions of Christian Western civilization standing in Europe.

With the African birth rate skyrocketing and the European birthrate flat lining, it doesn’t take much thought to imagine what the future holds. While governments in Europe might not be able to “officially” scoop up new refugees by the thousands and bring them into their borders, there will always be some mysterious NGOs to pop up out of nowhere with just the right equipment and transportation means to bring them over themselves. One wonders how there is always a conveniently situated NGO right where they need to be with exactly the resources they need to get done what the governments want done, but can’t do themselves. One example from a few years ago is when there were fleets of large black rubber boats appearing on the shores of North Africa without much attention on how they got there or who paid for them. I recall our own Matt Bracken doing some research on the event and finding Soros money behind it, predictably.

What’s the difference between state governments and NGOs when the NGOs are just doing the dirty work of the state governments, and both are profiting?

I read a while back that Viktor Orbán might be the guy that American conservatives hoped Donald Trump would be. In my opinion, Trump is a pragmatist (or attempts to be) while Orbán appears to be the cultural idealist that Americans sought in voting for Trump.

Keep one eye on world events, the other on your family, one hand in the dirt and the other on your gun. And as always, stay out of Sarajevo.