I’ve been running Glock handguns in various models, continually since 1995. So I have a fair amount of experience with pretty much every generation of factory Glock magazine. Last year, I finally got a 9mm AR that takes Glock mags, and that let to not only me but both my wife and youngest son also each having one. This obviously necessitated the purchase of multiple magazines as I prefer to have a decent stock on hand for each weapon. With 33 round factory mags being $33 each, that can get expensive fast. I have some ETS mags and they have all worked fine, but I wanted something closer to the factory ones. Enter KCI.



KCI is a Korean maker of various mags, including those for Glocks. They are built with the same polymer and steel design as factory Glock mags. I decided to grab one of their 33 round mags to give it a try, as the $19 price tag was quite enticing. After getting it and doing a cursory visual inspection, I’ll be honest, I could not tell the difference between it and my factory ones without looking at the markings on the bottom of the baseplates. So far, the mag has been 100% reliable in our 9mm AR’s using multiple different ammo types and weights. I have not tried it in any of my handguns, as that’s not it’s intended use. I plan to pick up quite a few more of these, as they seem to a great value, offering factory performance at a significantly reduced cost. As I get more, and get rounds through them, I’ll do a followup if need be. For now though, these do indeed seem like a good viable alternative to factory Glock mags, especially in the 33 round version. You can never have too many mags….


KCI 33 round mag on left, factory OD Green Glock 33 round mag on right.


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