According to Fox News, the Supreme Court is allowing the wrongful death lawsuit against Remington Arms to proceed, despite protections under the interstate commerce clause.

“The decision will have immediate and severe consequences, exposing the firearms industry to costly and burdensome litigation,” Remington argued in its petition to the Supreme Court. “Thus, as a leading scholar on firearm-manufacturer liability has explained, the decision below will ‘unleash a flood of lawsuits across the country,'” it continued, citing Timothy D. Lytton, a professor at the Georgia State University College of Law.

So if you can’t win through stuffing the ballot box, as we saw in Virginia, the liberals can simply open the door to a flood of dubious lawsuits the same way they went after the tobacco industry in the late 90s to mid 2000s. I’m sure Ginsburg and Sotomayor will apply interstate commerce fairly, with John Roberts providing an eloquent decision, flopping harder than he has ever before.

Your rights do not spring forth from black robes. They don’t work for you.

What does work for you is arming up. Palmetto State Armory’s 2020 goal is to put so many guns in the hands of Americans that any effort to disarm will be nullified. Aero Precision is cranking out top notch ARs as well. You need more magazines, you need more ammo, but above all, you need training for what comes next. There’s never been a better time to get what you need than now- but that window might be closing. Without Rule Of Law? You’re living in it. This thing ain’t gonna fix itself.


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