The Virginia elections were held this past Tuesday and the results were what was expected. A ridiculous system of gerrymandering, the usual Republican mealy-mouth ‘anything but win’ attitude coupled with a nearly universal franchise meant the kinda-left lost seats to the communist-left. In the land of the mathematically and morally challenged, the communist-left took a loss in the popular vote and three percent majority in the statehouse to mean a mandate. In all seriousness, the most meaningful development for the state of Virginia in the last 24 hours was the local talk radio hosts unveiling the nickname “Senõr Blackface” for Ralph Northam (pronounced Nhhhhaaaaaawthaaaam).

One of the most insufferable side effects of this ‘vote harder’ fad is the impression that somehow one is obligated to listen to the oppressors. To get mildly academic for a minute, the act of voting does not imply the rule of recognition for the local, state and federal officials. It certainly does not require it. People can talk and pass laws until they are blue in the face and demand my respect and obedience, but to what end? The political will to do me harm must be there as well as the mechanism, and the entire premise hangs on my unwillingness to accept the manifest consequences of that political will. The reason nine robed geriatrics have any power to decide anything is people are afraid of the masked men from three-letter-agencies coming to their door. That power ceases to exist the moment you start accepting that you’re already a dead man walking.

Today I wasn’t hated any more than I was yesterday for my skin color, sex or religion. My political beliefs didn’t get any less mainstream. My weapons are still zeroed. The realpolitik of most people’s existence hasn’t changed and if it has because a bunch of people who don’t live near you get a say in your life…you need to change your realpolitik, friendo. Maybe there’s gun control and they ban certain pieces of metal. Perhaps there’s more taxes, or $5,000/hr minimum wage clown world economics. The entire premise of preparedness and a heightened political and social awareness is to deal with these things. I can minimize the risk, legal and otherwise, but at a certain point life is less about safety and more about principles. No one here should have any illusions about whether or not being a vocal political dissident is safer than an obedient serf. Act accordingly.

So in response to the elections in my state, I say…so what? I hope the citizens (I use that term loosely) of Virginia get precisely what they voted for. Let’s turn this commonwealth into the feces-infested streets of California and the third-world status of Chicago. The carpetbaggers from NOVA living paycheck-to-paycheck in their Barbie world are ill-equipped to deal with anything upsetting the delicate balance of barely keeping their financial head above water enough to live in the ‘right’ neighborhood. I’m entirely willing to go farther and harder down that road than they ever want to. Ban the guns, ban civilization…ban me. The clarity will be welcome. Many of us have been paying attention for the better part of a decade. Why should I fret or worry about the inevitable results we all knew were coming. The left wants me and everyone like me dead. Fretting won’t solve the issue and voting harder certainly won’t. We have all been gifted with years to sort our lives out, make friends, get harder and more dangerous, and arm ourselves to the teeth. We are in the middle of the golden age of firearms and the average civilian has never had access to this level of quality training and firearms in history. It’s a good day to be alive, so use it wisely. The communists and anarchists are going to do what they must do, spread chaos, slavery and destruction. We are going to do what we must do. I can square what I do with my God, my wife and my people, so to the simpering cowards in Richmond and D.C. I say…so what?

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