Site sponsor and friend of mine, the man behind Ready Made Resources, was on with Dave Hodges at length today and had several points of note regarding preparedness for what’s coming down the pipe, including mentioning a kind few words about the courses I run:

The bottom line is that simply having the gear is not enough without having a plan. Having a plan is not enough without the understanding the context around it. And knowing that only comes from training. We don’t have any control over the coming storms- but what we do control is our own abilities and what we bring to the table.

We’ve got classes on the schedule and I’m adding more everyday. Ready Made Resources is hosting me for the RTO Course in east TN plus a few other unique training events on 2-3 May. Its $300 per student and the class is limited in size, so if you’re interested I’d book the date ASAP.On that note, the week-long WY course is halfway full already, so if you’re considering it, don’t wait around. I’ve also got a date on the calendar for Madison WI pairing up the RTO and Advanced RTO over four days in June.

2020 is already shaping up to be a pivotal year in our nation’s history and as the Left continues to push their agenda against the will of the people, now is the time to take control of your own training program.