With the continuing events happening within the Washington DC Inner Loop and in states around the country, my worst fears of civil strife are sadly coming to fruition.  Yesterday, I sat there sipping my morning cup of coffee watching Senate Leader McConnell’s response to the two articles of Impeachment passed Wednesday night in the US House and realize frosty times are ahead. After all, sometimes drastic measures are needed to save the patient being wheeled into the trauma center.

The Rubicon has been crossed for me. I am done writing letters to my legislatures, the men and women I voted into office to uphold the US Constitution and represent my voice. All my focus now will be directed towards the training I will need for the up and coming conflict (s).

Many of the readers here are in a similar situation as I am. Looking ahead, I will be 64-years old in 2020 and what can someone my age or older do when civil conflict comes knocking at my door you may ask? You like I, need to focus on becoming part of The Auxiliary.

The first time I read about The Auxiliary was over at SurvilvalBlog written by Hugh James Latimer. The article really got me thinking as to what part I would play in my community during a civil conflict. It will not necessarily be running a gun, although I can do that. Heck, I can give many millennial’s a run for his or her money in that respect. No, running a gun will not become my role in the up and coming conflict. My role will be one of The Auxiliary. Let’s look at what that means for me – Maybe you too.

First, it means an honest assessment of my strengths but more important, my weaknesses. Once I determine my strengths, I need to get out there and train the folks who understand  their weaknesses and are seeking their own training.

Second, I need to get out there and address my weaknesses by seeking out additional training from others willing to give it. Whatever the cost will be in money or time, it will be worth it. Are you willing to do this or is your normalcy bias going to guide your future?

I will continue my training with NC Scout and his platoon of trainers along with other trainers that offer classes not just in running a gun but in; Preparedness, medical, radio, Intelligence, physical training, et cetera. Then I will offer my acquired skills to help the folks who will come late to the party.

To bring my point home take a minute and try to put yourself back in the roll of a Confederate or Union solider in July 1863. It is hot and humid as only south-central Pennsylvania can get in July. If you are fighting for the North, you are dressed in wool. If you are fighting for the South, you are dressed in cotton.

If you are from the South, you know you are taking the war north of the Mason Dixon line to the struggling Union army. If you are successful in battle you can turn east or southeast to bring the war to Philadelphia and/or Washington DC. Maybe be part of the ending of this godforsaken war. As a Union solider you know you need to stop the Deplorables from streaming north to your farm, town or city.

The South brought to the battle 75,000 soldiers while the North brought 104,000. How did either side feed their troops? Did someone go around and take breakfast, lunch, and dinner orders to be purchased from the local McDonalds or Wendy’s? Did each side make a call to have a thousand Port-Potties delivered? Negative on both. It was the Combat Service Support that took care of these and other necessities.

What I am trying to get at here is for each of you to understand the importance The Auxiliary will serve in the coming conflict. The Auxiliary will be the Combat Service Support of today who will supply; training, intelligence, communication, food, supplies, medical, shelter, et cetera, to the trigger pullers in the field as well as your neighbors.


If your body isn’t one of an 18-year-old anymore but your mind is one of a person who has gathered four or more decades of life’s knowledge, continues to learn and train, then The Auxiliary is for you. Think about it and act accordingly!

73 & God Bless American Partisans

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