And enemy will tell you not only their intent but what they fear, given time. Coming from Breitbart, a Bernie Bro by the name of Kyle Jurek was captured on film stating:

“Germany had to spend billions of dollars re-educating their fucking people to not be Nazis,” he continues. “We’re probably going to have to do the same fucking thing here.”

“That’s kind of what all Bernie’s whole fucking like, ‘hey, free education for everybody’ because we’re going to have to teach you to not be a fucking Nazi,” he added.

In another part of the video, Jurek is seen discussing Soviet Union dictator Joseph Stalin’s use of gulags, where he claims that the CIA was overly critical of them. “People were actually paid a living wage in the gulags. They have conjugal visits in gulags. Gulags were meant for re-education,” he says.

This is quite similar to what William Ayers described as necessary in the meetings of the Weather Underground. And to the detractors and apologists who defend this excrement, I can assure you that this is exactly what a large majority of them think. You Boomers who believe there’s a peaceful resolution to any of this? They want you gone first.

And what will happen if Bernie doesn’t get the nod this time around?

 …Jurek warning that Milwaukee, host of this year’s Democratic National Convention, will “burn” if Sanders fails to win the party’s nomination. “If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination or it goes to a second round at the DNC convention, fucking Milwaukee will burn,” says Jurek. “It’ll start in Milwaukee and then when the police push back on that, other sites will fucking [explode].”

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