Sent by a reader and originally posted over at Lew Rockwell a couple of days ago, this piece is written by well-known Libertarian Judge Andrew Napolitano laying out in vibrant detail the measures our own government takes to spy on us nearly instantaneously.

Do we really want the federal government to spy without warrants? How can Congress, which has sworn to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, legislate such a blatant violation of it?

The short answer is, well, no, but then of course we make concessions. Such statements as “well, we’re all on that list anyway, so it doesn’t matter” or “I’m not important enough for them anyway, I’m no terrorist, so why should I even care?”

Well, you should care. For starters, while we might all be on the magical all-knowing ‘list‘, anyone who actually knows anything about the craft of intelligence will state that its a game of continuous updates- just because you have a list of targets, the information goes stale and can go very stale in a hurry. What if you just went dark?

Second, and perhaps most important following point number one, is that the term terrorist has an incredibly broad definition- one that can easily become a social definition rather than a political or criminal one. You might be deemed an enemy of the state by no fault of your own but rather a government in the hands of those committed to sending you to a gulag. They say its nice.

The feds have labored mightily to keep all of these constitutional violations as far from judicial scrutiny as they can. They rightly fear — they know — that all of this violates the Fourth Amendment. If their nefarious behavior, which we know they have used on the president of the United States and on the Supreme Court, comes under judicial scrutiny, the feds will argue that the Fourth Amendment only pertains to criminal prosecutions and not to domestic spying; thus, they can ignore it when they spy.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a course covering how to protect oneself against such intrusions? Maybe learning exactly what tools are being employed against you, and not just online? Practicing basic tradecraft online, covering how to make anonymous communications, transactions and interactions online and even in a couple of cases using their tools to our advantage? Well there is.

Privacy, Security and Anonymity, 7-8 March here in NC. Come out, get some good instruction in an even better training environment. And get the tools you need to cover your hide for an uncertain tomorrow.

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