In America today we certainly see signs of a pitched increase in societal friction, and finally we are seeing some signs of life on our side, whatever it is we are calling ourselves this week. The left has impeached Trump in the US House, but it appears he will not be convicted by the Senate and is going to remain in office and use the impeachment as a springboard to rally his supporters and those who oppose the left. He continues to stack previously left wing courts like the 9th circuit with judges who appear at face value to be non-communists in the meantime, and has finished the NAFTA replacement for better or worse, and to the chagrin of those who just want him to stop working. He has also outed the whistleblower that the media is covering up, the one many of us already knew was the one who reported on Trump’s Ukraine call, that being CIA case officer Eric Ciaramella. You can’t stop the signal, they say.

Additionally, Virginia Democrats have seized power in the state and gone all in against their citizens’ rights to own and bear defensive weaponry, and in response to that action, over 90% of the counties in that state have declared themselves to be sanctuaries for the Second Amendment. Many counties in states out West and even a few in Florida have done the same thing.

The FBI played a central role in the ongoing banana republic-style coup attempt against Trump, and have been officially called out for it by the Office of the Inspector General.

Jeffrey Epstein was finally brought in for his life of crimes, and is said to have killed himself (I’m rolling my eyes, here…) in his jail cell while his “guards” were looking the other way. Now we have a former associate of his claiming in a book that Epstein himself told him exactly what some of us already suspected, that he and his partner in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, were intelligence agents on the Mossad payroll, if not some others.

Scheduled for January 20th, 2020 in Richmond, Virginia, the Virginia Citizens Defense League is planning a rally/protest event. However risky (It’s highly risky) this event is and however it goes off remains to be seen, and while I do think we need to tread lightly with these types of operations in the wake of the disaster that was Charlottesville, I enjoy seeing patriots getting angry and active.

With all of these events, we are seeing a reaction from our side that appears at face value to be stronger than the reactions (or lack thereof) we’ve had in the past. I think that not since the Bundy family made their stands out West (regardless of how well or poorly those were conceived and executed) have we observed such a stiff response to obvious federal shenanigans. Whether these responses have teeth or are just a “paper tiger” remain to be seen. 2020 is going to be a run up to a very spicy year next year, and one hopes that the resolve of the patriots and partisans will be steeled for the conflict that is coming. It certainly appears to be moving in that direction, and if we maintain our arms and that resolve, those who oppose our way of living and our liberties are in for a hell of a fight.

The fire rises.

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